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Outrank Your Competitors In Organic Search Results

By Garrett Blanton posted on Monday, June 18, 2012 - (SEO)
Organic Search Results

Want a world class website that looks and functions better that your competitors? What about a website that will outrank your competitors in organic search results? Look no further than JVF Consulting! We are masters at getting your business online, making it looking good, and driving visitors to your site using proven search engine optimization tactics turning your traffic into valuable leads and conversions.

The proof of our incredible service can be found in our portfolio. We are the Bay Area website design leaders in providing custom solutions to remove the stress of maintaining your website, while our SEO & marketing services offer you the ability to become more visible to all the major search engine providers including Google, Yahoo!, Ask and Bing. JVF Consulting business solutions are custom tailored to fit the needs of your company and ensure your goals are met. From website and web application development, to e-commerce & marketing, JVF Consulting will build you a custom website that looks, functions, and ranks better than your competitors. Contact us for a quote today at (925) 479-9768.

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Launching A Successful Social Networking Campaign

By Garrett Blanton posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 - (SEO)
Facebook social networking

JVF Consulting are experts at Social Networking. We advertise in places where online users are already interacting and creating buzz. In order to reach a larger target audience while gaining traffic to your site, we recommend the power of social networks as an effective communication channel to create a buzz about your company or brand.

Social networking can also be used to market your new website, products or services, but most importantly it is measurable by metrics so you can track its effectiveness. With our social networking and marketing services, the experts at JVF Consulting will evaluate your internet presence and tailor a package specific to your industry. Some basic questions you should ask yourself before getting started with social networking are:

• Who is your target audience?

• What kind of marketing are you doing today?

• Do you maintain a blog?

• Have you been monitoring your web traffic with analytics?

At JVF Consulting we are always in search of new methods for using social networking as a marketing tool. Our goal is to produce a social networking campaign that will attract new prospects while spreading your brand message. To learn more about our social networking, marketing, and website design services contact us today. By retaining JVF, you get a reliable partner who is as passionate about your project as you are and will be here for you as your company and brand awareness grows in the marketplace.

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Web Design & SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

By Garrett Blanton posted on Friday, February 11, 2011 - (SEO, Website Design)

Search Engine Optimization SEOAt JVF Consulting we build dynamic websites hand crafted for your specific business needs. We utilize the latest proven web technologies to ensure your visitors have a compelling experience while browsing your website. JVF Consulting also believes that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) should not be an afterthought, it should be planned before design begins. Search Engine Optimization is the focus of every website JVF Consulting deploys to the World Wide Web, we optimize from the ground up to ensure search engines establish relevance to what your visitors are searching for.

Other website design companies use content that is loaded with keywords, but written mechanically. That technique may work well for search engine spiders, but is visually overwhelming when a real person visits your website. At JVF we have copywriters with the tools and experience to write the perfect content for your website, while presenting you with a detailed, high-impact conceptual plan that will continue to deliver quality and value to your business.

So what are you waiting for? Let JVF Consulting analyze your current website and suggest a cost effective solution that will meet your personal needs. We are a creative and innovative with a distinct understanding of marketing strategies. We are also the best choice to meet your unique needs in today's fast paced marketplace! Whether you're starting up your company, looking for a chance to redesign your brand or looking to digitize your daily tasks, Think Solutions, think JVF Consulting...

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Google Does Not Use Keyword Meta Tags!

By Garrett Blanton posted on Friday, January 8, 2010 - (SEO)

As professional website designers we are always conforming to the latest techniques in SEO (search engine optimization) in order to be successful in the SERP’s (search engine result page’s). We found that our new customers are now doing their history before choosing a web design firm to make sure their final product will perform correctly in all search engines. The term used mostly by our new customers is “keyword meta tags”. They want to make sure we include these meta tags, in hopes their website will increase in the SERP’s. They then pass us a huge list to embed into their website header. At JVF Consulting we do include keyword meta tags to all of our custom websites, but we really hate to break the news, Google does not use keyword meta tags!

Next time you’re reading an article on SEO and it tries to convince you to optimize the keyword meta tags to your website remember this. Googlebot does not even bother to index or interpret those keyword meta tags, but rather extract the keywords from the content of your website. When Matt Cutts the famous Google SEO software engineer was asked, “Does Google ever use the keyword meta tags in its web search ranking?” His response was, “In a word, no. Google does sell a Google Search Appliance, and that product has the ability to match meta tags, which could include the keywords meta tag. But that’s an enterprise search appliance that is completely separate from our main web search. Our web search (the well-known search at that hundreds of millions of people use each day) disregards keyword metatags completely. They simply don’t have any effect in our search ranking at the present time.”

If you still do not believe us, here is a Google Webmaster video explaining it all. This is not breaking news by any means, but there are still people out there who are putting too much thought and effort into their meta tags.

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JVF Consulting Is Burning Our RSS Feed With FeedBurner

By Garrett Blanton posted on Monday, November 9, 2009 - (SEO)

FeedBurner is the leading provider of media distribution and audience engagement services for blogs and RSS feeds. Their web-based tools help bloggers, podcasters and commercial publishers promote, deliver and profit from their content on the Web. Feedburner also uses cool terminology for your RSS or Atom feed like "burning a feed", which means syndicating your feed. JVF Consulting is now burning our RRS feed through Feedburner and is looking for new subscribers.

There are lots of good reasons for burning your Blogger feeds with a free service like Feedburner. Among the advantages are better feed presentation, detailed tracking statistics and access to the large choice of feed readers available. JVF Consulting uses FeedBurner for stuff like tracking which links in our RSS feeds are clicked on the most, how many people read our feeds, and which RSS readers they use. By checking such analytics we are making sure we are bringing you the content you want and need the most.

They are two ways you can subscribe to the JVF RSS feed.

1. From the browser address bar

If you look up on your browser now, you will see a small orange icon on the right side of your address bar. Click on it and it will bring you to a preview page with an option to subscribe using your choice of reader. It’s really that simple.

2. From the JVF website design blog.

On the left side of the JVF blog locate the RSS icon that says “Subscribe to RSS Feed”. Click on it and follow the simple instructions.

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