Craigslist Tips & Tricks: How To Post Duplicate Ads

If you have ever tried posting an ad on craigslist, and was rejected because it was a duplicate, then give this trick a try. This is a simple, but effective strategy I use to get around the craigslist rules.

1. Put together your post.
2. Press the “Print Screen” button.
3. Open paint or photoshop.
4. Paste screen to the canvas.
5. Crop only the copy of your post.
6. Save as .jpg
7. Upload the .jpg to a free image hosting service.
8. Paste the location of your .jpg image between the “quotes”, then copy and paste the code to craigslist.
9. Press “Continue” and publish your duplicate post with no warnings or error messages harassing you!

** This should be only used once a day to prevent spam

  • Hale Associations

    I never knew there was a way around this. Your steps work also, just tried it. Appreciate the tips always Garrett!!

  • Dave Megan

    I really don’t have much problem in posting at Craigslist. You only have to ensure that you don’t use the same I.P. in posting your ads.

  • Redz Gordon

    I have tried this technique and it worked very well for me. Keep posting about this!

  • katherinekatie2

    I scrambled the sentences for each ad for that car. It seems to work as well. Just have to keep track of what you scrambled up lol!

  • Dave Sherva

    Sweet tip, this does work nicely. My advice is don’t go crazy posting and post only local and you will do well and follow up with your leads.

  • cragosca

    To be frank I never had the chance to use Craigslist but I am curious about its real functionality. I know by now it’s a notorious resource especially in US but what about the other important online commerce features? How does it comply with those?

  • cartier

    stall out with this shit! Posting your ad 15 times isn’t going to make it any more likely to get sold!

  • Michael

    Wow, thanks for advertising how to be an annoying prick who clogs up all of craigslist! If I saw your ad ONCE AND LOOKED AT IT, I DON’T WANT TO LOOK AT IT AGAIN. Seriously, stall out with this shit! Posting your ad 15 times isn’t going to make it any more likely to get sold!

  • tracy

    I was posting 60 plus postings a day in the moving category for 5 different movers. The images have to have diffferent file names from different image accounts AND allow only 6 to have the same date created attribute as the same Craigslist is a huge database, and has set perimeters that flag accounts as necessary. Why post so many? well out of 150 ads in one category per day, do you actually think 3 ads will get seen? no they are gone in a blink of an eye. i post 3 ads consecutive every few hours for each mover. Use keywords also, it helps to make each ad different, use a graphic with your phone number so the number is not repetitive- craigslist looks for repitition.

  • Yena

    This used to work but now they have started moderating images and mostly it gets rejected. You would be lucky if your ads last longer than a day.

  • shazzad

    thanks for nice tips…

    I use both IPs and several mail id…. but my ads come live rarely… i don’t use PVA ….

    can you give me some great tricks to make live my ads?

    I’ll be grateful….

  • David

    This does work, and to get around placing multiple images, just rename and post again.

  • Eve

    Issue with having a all image body content is that your search keywords are limited to the subject only. Make sure that you subject has all the necessary keywords then.

  • Bob Atkins

    The main reason why ads get ghosted is because somebody from one city is trying to post into another city. The way around this problem is to have somebody in each city that you want the ad to be posted, to actually do the posting for you.

    Basically you need a guy in NYC to post your NYC ads, a guy in Boston to post your Boston ads etc.

    This way the ad never ghosts because a person from the right city posted the ad for you.

  • Crystal

    I post for a dealership. So I write out different ads for different cars in several different cities. I will have to try that this week! I usually write a long description. For each vehicle and as I copy and paste for each city I scrambled the sentences for each ad for that car. It seems to work as well. Just have to keep track of what you scrambled up lol!

  • Billy

    I noticed that also if you add some random words to the ad, like a sentence.

    “thanks for browsing my ad and have a nice day”

    something along those lines and something else and that usually works for me..

    Also remember if you use an image host to simply reupload them to another one.

  • Ryan

    All I have to say is your trick worked and using it with caution.

  • Angie

    Although users are given a short description of each flagging category, users ultimately flag on their preference, prejudice, or misunderstanding of the Craigslist Terms of Use. Flaggings can also occur as acts of disruptive vandalism and for the removal of competitors postings. Thanks.

  • NrX

    Are you allowed to post the same add in multiple cities or will that be flagged as duplicate as well?

  • Michael

    I’m at the point where I’m about to buy some PVA’s and proxy’s because of the ghosting. I still get to post some ads, but it is difficult when half my ads are ghosted.

  • Key West

    I see duplicate postings all the time. I guess I’m catching them before they get banned.
    I also see companies like car dealers posting a lot more than one ad in a day. They’re not dupes though.

  • KiranaTama

    Great tip. I was used this today and that works perfectly.. Nice share

  • Tracy

    I am sick of getting ghosted, even when I don’t post duplicate ads. I’m researching proxy services and phone numbers too.

  • Kelvin

    Thanks for clearing that up. Craiglist got a lot of traffic. If one can use it to channel the business, that would be great. Tt’s a free advertising medium, so one can always maximize the results.

  • Sevvi

    The post shows the method through which if you have ever tried posting an ad on craigslist, and was rejected because it was a duplicate, then give this trick a try. It is a simple, but effective strategy that can be used to get around the craigslist rules.

  • Ken

    person charges 10 bucks a post he puts your phone number in location we your post gets flag your post want go away it stops them or you from pulling up post but your post is still there and phone number for 2 months help how does he do this

  • John

    You should not post more than once a day. Try not to post in the biggest cities. Post in smaller cities, if you can. Your post hangs around longer and has a better chance at being seen.

  • Drew

    The reason they do it is because by the 23rd hour of the day… with all who post on craigslist… the ad you posted would be on page 10 (and not much traffic comes when your at page 10 on CL). If you post every 24 hours, your ad is fresh and on the first page again (and thus will probably produce more traffic).

  • USA Classifieds

    This isnt that big of a deal, there is no reason to post a bunch of the same ads. Its not good for the end user and its not targeted.. CL was designed to be local, not for people to place a bunch of the same ads all over the world.

  • la pain doctor

    You definitely should not post more than once a day on CL to prevent your ads from being flagged and removed

  • Tulsa Homes

    The real catch is that this trick should be used only once in a day or in two. Otherwise one will get busted quickly for this strategy. Craigslist is very harsh on spam nowadays and they are vigorously monitoring.

  • MyFirstIphone

    I regular user of craiglist and found that they are not allowing us to post US ads from other countries. i mean they are not allowing posting for US ads from IP’s out side of US.

    can you suggest any solution of this issue.

  • Mike

    Another great way to accomplish this is the Fireshot Plugin for Firefox. You can do it on a one shot deal, rather than have to paste into an editor.

  • Hugo

    So, what I don’t understand with Craigslist, is why people want to post so many ads on there. Is this an SEO tactic, or is it just traffic volumes?

  • Saad Jalil

    how many ads can u post from 1 ID is any idea about that