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"I can’t say enough great things about JVF Consulting."


Jason Franco - President

Jason Franco

Jason Franco is a dedicated husband, father, entrepreneur and president of JVF Consulting. He entered the world of computing at the age of 15 when he began creating custom applications that enhanced service offerings for the Bulletin Board community. He received his formal education from the University of the Pacific, where he met his lovely wife Melissa.

In addition to his formal training, he has worked for both small companies and large corporations, honing his professional skills by continually building on his development knowledge, people skills and sales experience. During all of his training he learned the importance of mastering the fundamentals of problem solving and not just syntax, because almost everything can be referenced. He also knows that only learning rigid steps to solving problems does not allow one to think outside the box, allowing them to challenge themselves, take risks and learn valuable lessons.

Throughout all his endeavors he continually felt something lacking from most of his experiences. He joined a mentorship program called, Integrity in Business Development and the first step in the great journey has begun. His son Jack Victor Franco (JVF) was born shortly after the program started and his world has opened up to countless possibilities for his relationships, his goals and his business ventures.

Melissa Franco - Finance Officer

Melissa Franco

Melissa grew up in the sticks. A little town called Arbuckle. And they didn't even live in town, they lived 5 miles outside of town on a one lane road where cable television wouldn't go. Some people would see this as a wonderfully relaxing and quiet way to live. Melissa isn't one of those people. This is why she now choses to live in the busy town of Dublin, only inches away from her neighbors, with a postage stamp sized backyard, and not a stick in site.

Garrett Blanton - Director of Marketing

Garrett Blanton

Born and raised in a land of natural beauty, Stockton, CA. Garrett is a jack of all trades who is dedicated to the web design industry, specifically marketing and SEO (search engine optimization).  Since his young age Garrett has been constantly adapting to the ever changing technical world never straying from the cutting edge of technology.

Garrett's training began in San Francisco during the dot com boom. During this time Garrett quickly developed his corporate marketing skills while maintaining excellent client relations enhancing sales. After the dot-com collapse Garrett found new niche in marketing, Search Engine Optimization. In 2007 JVF Consulting recruited Garrett to their marketing team. Garrett's dedication and attention to detail ensures that every job is done to the best of his ability. When Garrett is not in his office you can find him jumping his motocross bike, skimboarding, riding jet skis, or digging through music at your local record store.

Darren Wong - Senior Creative Designer

Darren Wong

With over a decade of experience in design, Darren is a sensei of all things creative. His keen eye and great sense of style provides JVF with our visually appealing custom designs. With many lead design positions under his belt, such as Fortune 500 clients like Cisco Systems and Safeway, Darren has been providing creative assets to businesses large & small across North America. Graduating from San Jose State University with a background in Digital Media/Graphic Design, Darren is vital member of the JVF team.

Designer by weekday, candy man by weekend. When Darren's not in front of the computer, he can be found selling cotton candy at his candy shop at the local mall. During his free time, there's nothing more he enjoys than long jumps on the beach. His other hobbies include music, sports, traveling, and owning way too may pairs of shoes.

Marcio Santos - Web & eCommerce Developer

Marcio Santos

Marcio begin studying web design and development in the fall of 2001 at Seattle Central Community College. It wasn't until early this year JVF Consulting recruited him from Stockton in the first round draft pick. As a member of JVF Consulting Marcio swore to provide the good people of the world with a functional and efficient web application that works for all their business needs.

When Marcio is not in front of a computer you can find him spinning on his head. Before entering his career as a Web designer, Marcio was a professional Bboy (breakdancer) who spent most of the 90's battling other crews across the states. You might recognize him from Best of the Best 7 (San Jose), Mighty 4 (SF), Freestyle Session 3 (San Diego), or as the main judge in the Kumate competition in Seattle.