Calculating Your Advertising Budget

Advertising Formula That Works

cashmoneyWith the end of fourth quarter ending soon, many businesses find themselves in the midst of reviewing the past eleven months, and budgeting for the coming year. Obviously, the end product of the budgeting process is to look ahead, and usually a valuable lesson is learned while re-examining what already occurred. Learning from the successes and challenges of the past will help you plan accordingly in the new year.

Advertising spending for the first quarter of 2009 is expected to reach new highs as the cash cows stray away from print media, and invest in their presence on the world wide web. During this same period last year, gains in ad spending for print media increased in magazines while newspapers continued to decline, this fad is still rolling strong according to figures released by Nielsen.

Budgeting your advertising dollars effectively through these times of economic uncertainty is a necessity. The current economic climate brings with it a few realities most businesses don’t want to accept. Using a well thought out budget, in conjunction with effective online marketing and media plans will succeed in keeping more dollars in your pocket, and increases the likelihood your advertising will be effective.

Now’s your chance to make a better year for marketing your business. Take some time to review previous years, set your goals, and look ahead to the future. So put your plan in motion, and contact JVF to help lead the way.

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