Asset Protection for Entrepreneurs

Corporate Direct Online Course Academy

Asset protection planning is the concept of guarding one’s wealth through proactive legal action, which protects all assets from future lawsuits or judgments. The importance of one’s ability to protect their personal assets from litigation is extremely important, that is why JVF recently teamed up with the best-selling author, Garrett Sutton, to develop and create a new digital retail, online education website. The information-rich site features video courses that engage the viewer so they better understand Corporation and LLC’s in a way that maintains their privacy while advancing their financial goals.

The Corporate Direct Academy website utilizes a responsive design, for an optimal mobile browsing experience on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. Delivering effective digital marketing, JVF coupled exclusive content not taught in schools, with quizzes to help fully cement the dynamic gains you will encounter during real life scenarios.

Take Control of Your Future

Watch, learn, and obtain your course completion certificate from Corporate Direct with original videos taught by a corporate attorney, asset protection expert, and best-selling author who assists entrepreneurs and real estate investors in protecting their financial assets.

Begin measuring your skills, and obtain a better understand how to protect your financial assets for you and your family. This self-paced video course was specifically designed to help you get access to the expertise you need to begin learning to conduct business with the skills and confidence of the pros.

All video chapters are 10 minutes or less, so you get the information you need in a fast and fun format.

How the Online Video Course Works

  • Videos: Each course is like an interactive textbook, featuring pre-recorded videos by Garrett Sutton.
  • Quizzes: After each section there is a quiz to make sure you retained the information required.
  • Help & Support: Downloadable resources are available that will clarify your entities’ requirements. All resources provide the necessary information for you to be both safely and easily in compliance.
  • Course Certificate: Earn an official recognition for your work, and share your success with friends, colleagues, and employers.

Learn How to Protect Your Assets

Sign-up today to get unlimited access to a wealth of information. When you’re all done, download your course completion certification, the official recognition document for your work. Join the increasing number of entrepreneurs and investors engaging in asset protection strategies. Don’t get caught unprotected!