Backscatterer Network Spam List Is Another UCEPROTECT Extortion Scam!

DNS Blacklist (DNSBL)

A few months ago I wrote an article about the UCEProtect network spam list and how their practices are extortion. Read it here UCEPROTECT-Network Spam List, Is This Extortion?

Well today, we’ve ran across another problem with UCEProtect! While troubleshooting a clients bounced email message, I ran a test for blacklist listings using MXToolBox.

Everything came back clean, except for one, This is a new one to us, so we did a little investigation. Visiting their website was déjà vu, it reminded us of the UCEProtect website, and as it turns out, they’re one of the same. Visiting their contact page you will see “BACKSCATTERER.ORG is run by the UCEPROTECT-Network”.

Firewall Blacklist Recommendation

As it turns out Backscatterer is NOT a blacklist, It’s a Sender Callout Abuser list! Nobody should be blocking mail based solely on data from a backscatter list. The only thing any mail administrator should do with this list is to use it when determining whether to flag a message as possible spam.

Since our clients mail recipient is using Backscatterer as a blacklist, we need our IP address removed. To have our IP address removed they want us to pay 50.00 € Euro’s (EUR) to process our request and remove our IP. That’s almost $67 dollars! This is totally unacceptable, and just as illegal as UCEProtect! The only other way to have your IP address removed is to wait 4 weeks after the last abusive action.

When visiting their contact page you can see just how professional the company really is.

“There should be no need to contact us: We have heard all possible excuses why people think they can not stop their systems backscatter or doing sender callouts. If you have chosen to be a lazy or selfish netcitizen letting your system backscatter or doing sender callouts you perfectly match listingcriterias. Your recipients and we are tired of all the fake bounces, misdirected autoresponders and verify calls wasting our resources, and therfore you got blocked.”


We don’t make exceptions to our list, so it is futile and a waste of your time to contact us and ask for delisting.”

These statements make their company sound like a complete scam, how could a professional organization perpetuate such a business model? Why would any professional company associate themselves with Backscatterer?

If you are having mail delivery problems due to a backscatterer like us, you have our sympathy. We recommend not paying fees to anyone and addressing the matter with the mail administrators of the target mail server directly. We are sure they would be very interested to know that they are blocking legitimate mail based on a UCEPROTECT service.

AT JVF Consulting we recognize the effort of the list to inform mail server managers of any known RBL lists that contain their server names, but do not condone the use of it as a blacklist. Need help removing your IP from their their blacklist? Contact us.