Become A Fan Of JVF Consulting On Facebook

facebooklogoJVF Consulting just recently begun its presence in Facebook. We recognize that Facebook provides an opportunity for our customers and audience to not only keep up with the information and events at JVF, but to connect and establish relationships with us at an equal level. JVF enjoys social networking, but we really love the whole blend of personalized contact with technology. The combination of the two into a simple user interface allows people across the globe to connect, reconnect, share memories, plans, and of course, their photo album.

If you are on Facebook, we would love it if you would become a fan at our page. All you have to do is visit our page, then just click on the “Like” button.

Once you become a fan, you’ll be able to receive status updates with all of the latest JVF news and information, along with updates on special events and promotions. What’s even better is that you can join in on discussions with other website designers and software developers, or even share interesting information of your own!

Our Facebook page is currently a work in progress as new features get added. We also look forward to feedback from our fans as to what they would like to see on our page.

If you are a Facebook user and haven’t joined our fan page, please stop by and click the “Like” button at the top of the page. Then leave a comment on our wall and introduce yourself! And if you are already a fan of JVF’s then we would love it if you would invite your friends, and tell us what you think!

If you have your own company or web site, and need assistance setting up a Facebook fan page, JVF Consulting can help! Contact us to customize your fan page the way you want!


  • Nem

    It’s definitely worth a try. Building some buzz in social media is always a good idea, though it’s NOT that easy to actually make it work well. I think trying to combine different SM platforms might be a good idea (i.e. having a Facebook page, using Twitter, posting on Youtube, bookmarking on Digg). Combining it all together could have an interesting effect.

  • James Murdoch

    Facebook has really emerged as big social networking site as well as online marketing tool, with N number of members the ability to reach out to the people increase multifold.If JVF is reaching out to the people and helping them set up there consulting page i think it is doing a great job because having a interesting Fan page people get attracted to you and get glued to you.