Brentwood’s Retail Headquarters Grow With Amass CMS

scplogo2Based in the San Francisco east bay, Sand Creek Plaza’s growth has been quite impressive. Nate Lorenzini attributes the current success of SCP to its tight structure, and the ability to control all aspects of its online presence. Nate also recognizes that commercial real estate is a long-term business, and to stay on top you must be able to change your marketing strategy as technology advances. Deploying a content management system to the Sand Creek Plaza website was inevitable,

and a sign of the changing times in the real estate market and web technology. Nate Lorenzini chose JVF Consulting to customize their website with our content management system.

Maintaining the website for largest retail and office community in Brentwood, CA was becoming an extremely tedious job for the crew at Sand Creek Plaza. With new tenants moving in, and current tenants moving to larger suites, keeping the website up to date with the latest addresses and contact information was at a snail’s pace. Coordinating between the manager, owner, broker, and webmaster to have the most basic changes made required lots of man hours.

To solve this problem JVF Consulting custom built the Amass Content Management System to power every aspect of Sand Creek Plaza website. From the copy ad images, to the list of available spaces, Amass ensures that San Creek Plaza will provide the latest and greatest information to their customers and future tenants. To make the SCP website more interactive to prospective clients, JVF integrated the detailed information about the available spaces from the leader in online commercial real estate listings LoopNet. Now all of the LoopNet information about the available property is right at your fingertips. This integration keeps visitors on the SCP website, without the need to navigate away.

By implementing the Amass Content Management System to the Sand Creek Plaza website, Nate Lorenzini and his crew can finally focus on their real jobs. The tenants of Sand Creek Plaza no longer hound them for website updates because most all the changes are made instantly with Amass CMS. And with the list of available spaces easily accessible on the web, there are less pointless calls about availability into the main office. With the power of Amass, and the success of Sand Creek Plaza, what is keeping you from implementing our Content Management System on your website?