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Millions of people use Flickr nationwide for commercial promotion purposes, including: artists, photographers, real estate agents, bloggers, students, models, and more. Even JVF Consulting has been a frequent Flickr visitor for many years now, we love to browse through pictures of family and friends and also on occasion search through photostreams from around the world. There are dozens of photo sharing websites out there, but Flickr has caught the attention of the global online community, and it has spread like wildfire. This wildfire has sparked JVF into creating an official JVF Consulting photostream on Flickr. To see our impressive portfolio of logos, corporate identities, custom website designs, and craigslist advertisements on Flickr, simply follow this link.

JVF Consulting is impressed with the talent from the Flickr community, and we are proud to once again lead our industry in this exciting new direction. We are eager to hear what our customers think, and look forward to their input in shaping our ever-expanding collection on our Flicker photostream.

With 73 million worldwide visitors each month and more than three billion photos stored by 35 million members, Flickr serves as the ‘eyes of the world’ and has revolutionized the sharing and discovery of what people see and experience through digital imagery. Flickr was developed by Ludicorp in February 2004 and acquired by Yahoo! in March 2005. To sign up for an account, or just to browse around, visit