Business To Business Relations B2B Free Gold Watch & SIGNCO


JVF Consulting could not have been more pleased to hear that two of our customers collaborated together on a major redesign of the Free Gold Watch retail store at 1767 Waller Street in San Francisco, CA.

SIGNCO, the San Joaquin valley’s premier source for signage located in Stockton, CA dug through their vast collection of vintage numbers and letters to help Matt Henri owner of Free Gold Watch with his eccentric unconventional vision. With an arsenal of vintage sign letters in his possession, Matt’s latest project began to take shape on the walls of his store. The photos below show off the completed project. This retail display is a one of a kind approach you will not see anywhere else! Stop by the Free Gold Watch retail store and check it out with your own eyes, while you’re there be sure to buy some of their custom silk screened creations! Also be sure to contact SIGNCO for any of your sign related needs. As you can see they can help with just about any project you can think of!


  • I got a gold watch that belonged to my great grandmother and I’m not sure how to make it work. It doesn’t open up at all and has a knob on the side that makes clicking noises when i turn it, but I’m almost positive it doesn’t take batteries. Can anyone tell me how to make the watch keep time?

  • Wow! Mr Garrett Blanton! You always seem to amaze me 🙂 I can say the same for Matt, at Free Gold Watch! Looks Great. And then throw another amazing company in there like SIGNCO. I cant wait to come in and check out the new shop.
    Super impressed

  • Garrett at JVF Consulting is constantly on the move and always willing to go the extra mile to help out friends and clients. It’s sure nice to see Matt was able to put all those letters to use, he’s so creative and really thinks outside the box. I’ll keep setting them aside so everyone should continue to drop by and check it out. Without your networking, Garrett, I would have never had a chance to work with Matt. Free Gold Watch has a trendsetting concept that’s edgy and fresh. It’s fun working at SIGNCO, I never know what the new day will bring!