A Creative Holiday Gift For Our Clients

Holiday Gift Idea

Every year during the holiday season we strive to send thoughtful gifts to our clients. We prefer the deliveries to arrive around the middle of December so people can enjoy our gift prior to leaving on holiday.

True business-to-business (B2B) collaboration isn’t about creating a one-time deal, but rather a way to support each other over the long term. This season, JVF partnered again with our friends at a John Hancock Coffee to order a unique gift for our valued customers.

Customized Coffee Bag Labels

Using the custom label maker on the John Hancock Coffee e-commerce website, we created a custom gift that will keep JVF on the top of their minds, but also in their coffee cups.

To craft our holiday gift we used a mix of retro and winter collateral that reflects our teams personality and expertise. After several exploratory designs, we hit the mark with our label. Take a look at the approved design, and the final product. We are so pleased with the outcome, we wanted to share our gift idea with everyone.

JVF Coffee Label 2014