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Think_BlogJVF Offers Unique Themes For Bloggers

Recently the orders for custom blogs have taken up most of my time. Since I have a free minute I would like to introduce this service to the JVF readers. Whether it is a fresh new design, or a new theme, your blog design helps generate renewed interest and buzz for the products or services you publish on your blog. Readers who haven’t checked out your blog for a while will come to see the new look or theme, this creates a significant increase in traffic and subscriptions to your RSS feed.

Small business owners that don’t have a lot of money to throw around on marketing should consider starting a blog. Driving traffic to your site could be expensive especially if you’re tied up in PPC or AdWords plans. The JVF blog solution will drive traffic you need to your site. With fresh content and pictures being added frequently your clients and future customers will acknowledge your skills and dedication and the return on investment begins. What most webmasters don’t realize is that many blogs have literally thousands of loyal readers. That’s thousands of people reading what bloggers have to say about you. Don’t miss out by not tapping into this blog market!

Once your blog is up and running JVF Consulting understands the value of targeted traffic to your blog. That is why we make sure that your blog receives complete onsite Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Whether it is a WordPress blog, or the JVF CMS Blog, we ensure the correct plugins are installed and being used.

The JVF blog design team is made up of dedicated bloggers, designers, and programmers, committed to helping new bloggers succeed online. Remember, your return on investment doesn’t pay off unless your marketing mix is successful. The careful implementation of strategic design and call-to-action elements will ensure that your business will earn a return on their investment. A JVF blog will get the message you want out to your customers while keeping your marketing costs down, don’t let this awesome service pass you by, call us for a quote now!

Here are few examples of custom blogs built and deployed by JVF Consulting, LLC

Slim And Fit Books Blog

Krueg & Towny Show Blog

Free Gold Watch Blog

Sand Creek Plaza Blog

Peter Bruce Wedding Photography Blog


  • With the right design, we can help new businesses with a quality sign or banner which will is a strong marketing approach for these times.