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Custom Software Applications, Web Design, SEO, We Can Do It!

The JVF Consulting software line has provided complete business functions to our valued customers since 2004. We offer custom made software applications for a variety of industries. Our application software ranges from personal computers and hand held devices, to digital cameras. This article is to inform you of the current software we have available, and how it will benefit you and your business. Currently we offer software licenses to small businesses and corporations looking for solutions to save time them time which will increasing productivity.

The first piece of software we would like to showcase we call the “Craig” Work Order application. This application is used for tracking all your jobs and projects. When jobs are entered, it assigns the customers job to the employee in charge. Jobs are placed in a cue and display their current activity. There are several states for the work order including “In Progress” and “Complete”. All hours are accurately tracked and calculated. Reports that are run are always accurate and guarantee no job slips through the cracks. With this flawless application your orders will be completed in a timely manner ensuring no time is lost.

File Master is another software application JVF Consulting wrote to accurately display and list all the contents of each folder. File Master list files in selected directories (hard disks, diskettes, CD-ROM’s) into text, HTML or XML file. With its large number of options you can choose which items you want to list, just select which attributes you would like to display about the files you’re querying, including sub directories, size, date, time, attributes, directory names, directory size, full path, etc. With the press of a button you will have the information you requested.

Including all the software applications we have produced we’re also the leader in custom content management systems. Our jCMS® controls entire websites with large amounts of copy. With only a few clicks you can easily edit, remove, and create content keeping your website fresh and looking new. Our CMS powers almost every website has deployed. If you’re a webmaster who is crazy over quality content, then the JVF content management system is the business solution you have been looking for.