Customer Relationship Management Software Solutions

1crmpuzzleCustomer Relationship Management (CRM) is a necessity at JVF Consulting, LLC. Our clients rely on our promptness and on accessibility. This skill, which most small and large business lack, can be achieved through the implementation of our CRM software.

For many organizations, Customer Relationship Management is an easy concept, but for others it’s a hard reality. Retaining and enhancing relationships with current and future customers is the number one business issue today. This makes Customer Relationship Management not only a top priority, but a business strategy. Re-engineering your customer processes to improve the clients experience will increase revenue and profitability for your company. 

Our CRM will provide your business with the insight you have been lacking. With the valuable information received your business can now properly progress and achieve its goals. When it comes to finding the right technology, there is only one solution, JVF Consulting.

With customer interactions now becoming the decision maker, missing valuable information could cost you the job.  The JVF Consulting CRM software provides a feature rich solution that is embedded with our Amass Content Management System. 

JVF Amass provides a single repository for future customer and current client information. Our sales force automation has been enabling companies to respond quickly and accurately to customer inquiries. With the JVF Amass CRM solution at your fingertips, higher levels of customer satisfaction will come naturally.

In the screenshots below you will see I created generic users in fresh install of the JVF Amass CRM software. The dashboard displays the basic information gathered about the customer and presents it to you to in a format which is easy to understand.


  • great tool in respective businesses. Absolutely necessary. Nice article , really detailed with screenshots

  • Good software for customer solution….

  • That is some hardcore software you guys have! I will bring this up in the next board meeting to see if this is a fit for our current website. Great job JVF!

  • CRM is great in IT industry.the software looks powerful.