Dell Inspiron B130 Blue Screen Stop Error During Windows XP Installation

Windows_LogoAbout a month ago I was given a Dell Inspiron B130 to fix in my spare time. It needed a reinstall of Windows XP Pro so I broke out the SP1 discs it came with. After booting from the installation CD the laptop would copy over all the files needed to load windows, but when it came time to boot to windows it would instantly crash into a blue screen with the following stop error.

***STOP: 0x0000007E (0xc0000005, 0xf9a380bf, 0xf9e84208, 0xf9e834208, 0xe9e83f08)

*** PCI.SYS address f9a380bf base at f9a31000, date stamp 3b7d8ssc

Once again I found myself searching the web for a fix. After trying about everything I almost gave up, until I found a thread on the Dell forums stating the computer needed SP2 to fix the issue. I almost did not believe what I was reading, but since I was out of options I started up nLite, and then customized an installation CD of Microsoft Windows XP Pro with SP2 merged into it. I then booted from the new installation CD, formatted the drive, and when it came time to finally load windows, it worked!! Phew, what a sigh of relief! If you find yourself faced with the same blue screen stop error then give this trick a try, I bet it will work for you to!

  • Ben W

    Same here; tried all sorts of things to correct this problem but the nLite software did the trick. Just bundled XP Pro with SP3, burnt the ISO to CD and it worked. Great save, thanks.

  • Broken

    I had the exact same error, which led me here. I used nLite to slipstream SP3 in and ISO Recorder to burn the ISO, and it worked fine. Thanks for the info, was a life saver.

  • Garett,

    Dell has no idea about this fiasco. My friend experienced the same trauma and he spent hours on the phone talking to the customer support guys. He was complaining to me that the calls were getting re-directed to some offshore countries where guys cant understand the problem. Finally I took his laptop to a local fix guy and he worked on it for couple of days and made it fine. I believe he just found out the way and added SP2. After that my friend never reported any issues.


  • I had a similar problem on my Dell notebook. The addresses were different but the source of the problem was probably the same as the SP2 installation fixed it as well.

  • If this error appears than you will have to format the
    drive in which you are installing the windows and then
    start installing again.