DNS Services The Leader In DNS Solutions: Scam Alert!

Scam Alert

As we have reported in the past with Domain Registry of America, fly by night domain registration companies send fake renewal notices to business owners to try to trick them into paying the wrong company.

Recently our customers have reported getting bills from a company called “DNS Services.” At first it appears to be an invoice, but in fact it is actually a scam promoting their backup DNS service.

Do NOT Pay

If you are a JVF customer and host your website with us, do not send any payments to DNS Services! Their fake invoice is merely a scam!

If you read the fine print you will notice that they are just soliciting you for business, the scam is that they trick you into thinking you owe a bill. We suggest you simply throw their solicitation away, do not try to contact them as that will confirm the contact information they have for you is good and could lead to further spam or misleading emails.

Here is a copy of the invoice from DNS services for reference:

  • Ugh, it’s amazing what kinds of scams these services will try to pull. I can’t tell you how many of my clients have come to me about this scam – I’m going to have to start pointing them directly to this article. At least three times a year I get mail notifications for “domain renewal” services that charge $100/year. I wonder how many people fall for it. Thanks, Garrett, great post as always.

  • Coquitlam

    Thanks for saving the money and show up the real face of DNS services. I will just say that always verify the bills before payments.

  • Wilma Peterson

    Its great to be made aware of this problem, I am going to be very careful when I receive mail from them next time.

  • Hmm just got one of these, luckily i googled and found your article before paying anything. Thanks very much 🙂

  • Vivian Esteban

    Thank god I have not paid anything and before paying only I know the truth.
    la fixie