Domain Name Renewal Scam Letter From Internet Name Security

Don’t Fall for Domain Name Renewal Scam Letters

Just when you thought you seen it all, another type of scam to take your hard earned money pops up. In our mailbox this week we found a statement in the mail from the INS! No, not the Immigration and Naturalization Service, but the Internet Name Security! The invoice they sent gives us the impression that a one of our domain names is not safe, and to send $99.95 for their DomainSafe monitoring system. The letter actually states that, “Increasing threat levels from domain theft and domain hijacking mean that it is imperative you monitor the status of your online identity!” Unfortunately for them, we’re not falling for this type of direct mail scam and you shouldn’t either! This type of direct mail marketing scam is aimed at consumers who do not realize that their domain names are in fact already secure with their current domain registrar, and in most cases set as “locked”  by default.

A locked domain protects you from unauthorized third parties who might try to misdirect your name servers or transfer your domain without your permission. Only the domain registrar is able to unlock a domain and modify it’s name servers.

If you received one of these letters, please ignore it! Do NOT complete the payment slip at the bottom or make any payments to this company. The address listed is: P.O. Box 1120 Niagara Falls, NY 14304. Beware!

Example of the Scam Letter

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