Domain Registry Of America: Scam Alert!

Scam Alert

A few days ago we received a statement in the mail from Domain Registry of America. The invoice gives us the impression that a couple of our domain names are up for renewal and are about to expire. The letter actually states that, “Your domain name registrations will expire November 19, 2010!” Even though the dates they have on file are correct, we’re not falling for this type of direct mail scam and you shouldn’t either! This type of marketing scam is aimed at consumers who do not realize that by returning the invoices along with a payment, their domain names are in fact transferring from their current domain registrar to DROA.

Do NOT Pay

If you received one of these letters, please ignore it! Do NOT complete the payment slip at the bottom or make any payments to this company. To add insult to injury, the letter has their address listed as: 2316 Delaware Avenue #266 Buffalo, New York. With some quick help from Google maps, the address comes up the same as the UPS Store, so guaranteed it’s just a mail box!

  • Dawn L

    I received one of these letters but thought it looked fishy, so I checked with my website people. They confirmed it was a scam, so I filed a report with the FTC and shredded the letter.

  • James O

    You may be able to get your money back ——

    I fell for the mail letter and emails as well. I ended up paying $85 before I received a couple emails asking me to unlock my domain first for them to transfer. It smelled fishy, so I did some Googling. I immediately sent their support an email ( stating “I have made a purchase to renew my domain under yours on 1/2/14 for $85 and changed my mind and would like to retract that renewal under the Truth in Lending Act and receive my money back. How may I go about this please? Thank you.”

    I received a reply stating I will receive the full refund on 1/17/14! If I don’t receive the refund, you will hear from me.

  • Mark Samll

    I just called their customer service and asked for a refund. They told me it would be mailed in 3-4 weeks. We’ll see if they do.

    Toll free 1-866-434-0212

    All they asked for was the check number

  • H Banks

    I was unfortunately just a victim of this scam. These “people” are getting good at these things; taking advantage of innocent, trusting, good natured people. I paid them $65 with my company debit card, then received an email the next day to my PERSONAL email account. How they found this I don’t know, but that – stupidly enough – was when it sent up my red flag. The email stated that I needed to “unlock” my account with my registrar, click a link in the email for “”, and then they would “try again” with the “renewal”. I checked my bank account and found that the transaction was “pending”. I’m hoping that not responding to their email, not “confirming” the “unlocking” of my domain, and cancelling the card will stop them. I don’t need them taking any further information from me! I’m most definitely reporting this to the BBB and FTC! I hope, hope, hope anyone else who receives this letter sees this helpful post before they fall victim as well.

  • Domain Registry of America is a SCAM!!! Do not fall for this like I did. They are out of Canada and have a drop box address in the US. I advise anyone who is involved with them to run away fast!

  • Solange

    They have another scam! American Registry Center – there is not much information about it yet via Google but after reading this post I checked the address. Same thing different address, it is a UPS store. They also do not answer phone calls I was sent to voicemail with no return calls. Thanks for this post I did not send them any money. But they are up to a revised scheme of charging to update your Google local business page and making it seem as if Google is making it a requirement. The website looks professional but thankfully I looked into it more before sending out money I don’t have.

    I have a small daycare that serves low-income children and we do our best with what we have. It disgusts me how people put so much energy into stealing money and resources instead of working to better our present and future conditions.

  • don

    Definitely a scam!!! Just received a snail mail invoice for this company to transfer one of my .org’s but when I was calling the 24 hour toll free# I received an answering machine, and when clicking operator option I received the answering machine again. The reason I was trying to call the number is these jackasses are attempting to sell me for 2 years at $60, as “other available domains” I own this already! Kinda hard to sell me what I already own! So after reading the prior bullshit above about how this company is legitimate and the consumers are the idiots I thought I would offer my recent experience with this “scam”. Give them any money or personal information and you will be sorry! And I sure haven’t seen anyone state above that they actually received the refund promised.

  • I have been a victim of this scam for 2 years now, is there a way I can get my money back or who can I report too, that I have been a victim?

  • Amanda

    I got a letter today and the odd thing is I don’t even HAVE a domain! A couple years ago I had some odd charges on my credit card for registering a domain (which I didn’t do and had the charges removed) so I’m assuming that is where they got my info. I do love the internet though…anytime I get anything that seems strange I just Google it to see if it’s a scam 🙂

  • Bill Grimmette

    This is even worse than it seems and is not just a minor scam. I fell for this in 2011 and because I purchased a 5 year renewal, had no reason to check it out until late last year. Then I went to my website (now understand that in 2011, i renewed until 2017) and to my utter astonishment, there was a for sale sign on my web site. the notice says that you can purchase my website domain name for $4800. This is not just a scam, this is high crime and everyone needs to know. Domain Registry of America has to be organized crime.

  • John

    Check out their address in Buffalo NY — 2316 Delaware Avenue #266 is a UPS store in a small shopping center. There is no DROA here they just get mail forwarded to them in Canada. They just scammed one of my clients out of $35 but they did not actually hook the domain itself, just cashed his check.

  • It is better if you can report this scam advertisement on forums or on social networking sites to create awareness so that we can inform other internet users about this malicious and heinous crime online.

  • jay

    I just got one of these today. So it is still out there… don’t get scammed… email spam! really! everyone trying to scam another out of a dollar… such a shame…

  • T.C.

    I have over 100 domains and I get these letters daily form several different scamers not just DROA. They are all stupid and they are still sending me letters for domains that clients let expire over 2 years ago. Idiots! they also call me from time to time which is a pain in the arse so I purchased a burner number that dead ends to nowhere and use that as my contact number when buying domains. My current hosting provider is pissed about that and is trying to make me give them a number that works and my lawyer said it does work. Call the number, it rings, listen to the greeting, and you can leave a message. (It just never gets to me…ha,ha,ha,) Sucks that I have to go through this stuff but when you have as many domains as I do and when the government continues to let creeps like this operate, sometimes we have to get creative. When I am feeling playful, I fax the letter back to them with a bunch of choice words scribbled across the front!! (LOL) If I could only see their face when they read it!!

  • lila

    I read most of the comments, but sadly no one mentioned how we could stop these criminals from taking honest people’s money. I just received the second letter. I know it’s a scam, but I know also that a lot of people fall for it. So please, give us the name of a government agency that we could contact to report them.

  • Good Ol’ Dave

    We got one of these letters at work. The bean counters were going to blindly pay this “invoice” but fortunately it required my approval so they forwarded it to me. All our web sites were registered through Network Solutions so I had no idea who this company even was until I Googled it and came across a million scam warnings. I filed a complaint against them with the Federal Trade Commission (

  • Yoyis

    Unfotunately, I fell for this scam and paid them for 2 years for our non-profit organization main domain. Shortly, I realized I had been deceived and contacted them. They promised to send us a reimbursement check in 3 weeks. That was 2 months ago and we have not received it. Do you know of any government agency we could contact to report this fraud?

  • April

    Got one of these notices in the mail for a website that I don’t actually own, which made it clearly stand out as a scam. It looks like an official invoice so it can be very deceptive if you don’t read it word for word.

  • david reynolds

    thank god i read THIS SITES STORIES::
    if not for the letter posted above with same addresses and info, i would have been called next:: victim that is.
    The company is useing the (whois) in the search domains to send them fake BILLING.
    IF you happen to get one :take it PERSONALY TO POST OFFICE: PUSH for mail fraud;deceptive practices..

  • C.J. Minster

    I was getting ready to renew through this site and decided to google it first to find out if it was legitimate. Your site came up. Thanks!

  • Liane Kerry

    I just received our second letter (same as above) in two years. Last year, I just threw it away, but today I felt feisty and called asked them why they were sending me a letter when my webhost already does a renewal at $6.00 and she said, well this was just an advertisement(!) but if I went on the their website, I would see they offer free webhosting. So, I asked why they didn’t advertise webhosting, and she said not everyone needs it. WHOA! I am so out of there!

  • Scam and fraud advertisement is very rampant in the internet. Online users should be very cautious about this and don’t fall easily on this trick of giving your information right away to someone especially on e-mails.

  • I called the company because we actually mailed them a check. They are going to refund our money. If you have sent them money just call them and they will refund your money. Have a good day.

  • I got one of these letters too. It was very confusing. Thanks for posting this.

  • They are sad humans, along with their sad parents. They just may scam the wrong people and those people have or know people in New York. Everyone knows if you hurt people you will get hurt back. A hurting I would assume is coming very shortly.

    It really is ignorant if they assume who they screw is not or was not from Buffalo. Really shows they are ignorant.

  • Mack It

    This is a scam that keeps on going. They claim not to be affiliated with Godaddy but they work just like Godaddy and They have call centers in Toronto Canada and act really surprised when you challenge them. They send mailers to send the money to Buffalo, NY. Everyone needs to complain to the FTC, FBI and also the Canadian RMP.

  • Will someone please contact their bank and find out who these people are. I want to nail them against the Google wall when someone searches their personal names.

  • Bill P.

    I too have a website domain name that is a few months away from needing renewal. Yes, I got their letter and yes, it does look like an invoice. It is a “scare mail” to prey on those that do not read carefully. It works, they have a large group to work on by simply doing “whois” on domain names and getting all contact info, and they DO get money that they do not refund. Their rating at the BBB is an “F” in comparison to GoDaddy’s rating of A+. They have been sued and harassed for their trickery, but they are making money, so they keep it up. As long as there are people to trick, there will be tricksters working whatever angles they can to get their money. NOTICE WEB SITE OWNERS (and others) Do not send anyone money until you make SURE you know WHY you are sending it and READ! Domain Registry of America is positively a SCAM company as they use visual trickery to get you to focus in the wrong area on their “advertisement” in the first place, and cannot provide you anything for your money until you, the duped one, continue down the path they have prepared for you.

  • Jim B.

    I’ve been receiving letters/fake invoices from these morons for years and I have just been throwing them away, but this time decided to google it and came across this site. YES this is a scam. Just like Woody posted, if it’s designed to be deceptive it is a SCAM. Please do NOT send these people any money and report them. They need to be stopped!

  • Woody

    OK, folks, seriously… to those who don’t know the definition of the term “scam” : a fraudulent or “deceptive” act or operation. A scam does not have to be fraudulent it could be deceptive. These mailings are definably deceptive. They come in the form of an invoice, so the secretary at my church just passed it on to the board of trustees to pay. This letter is obviously intended to trick people into paying this as an invoice. Not everyone reads between the lines and knows what the implication of the word “transfer” has in the wording. In conclusion, we can definitely classify this as a SCAM! This company is trying to steal your domain business.

  • Mallary

    Our Company received one of these letters in the mail today and my boss told me to look into it before taking a course of action. I followed my instinct and found this website. I ripped it up and threw it away. I am worried that countless others would fall for this scam. Is there a way to stop it besides making it known on these websites? I know several people who would never think twice about checking into something and could easily fall prey to this scam.

  • Stephen

    I am in the process of getting a customers Domain Name away from this scam. We get 15 or so letters in the mail every year for this SCAM. You can log into their website and unlock it. But you can NOT get an EPP code online. You have to E-Mail support. What a bogus rip off. My customer got scammed unfortunately. I called them up and called them con artists and they promptly hung up on me.

  • Tamra E

    I just got their letter and was surprised since I never knew I had a domain. So I checked it out and found this site. I think that as sad as it is we all need to really check everything out thoroughly before ever doing anything. These kinds of scams are everywhere and the government isn’t really doing much to shut these types of things down because it costs them so much to research and act. BEWARE OF EVERYTHING!

  • dani

    I don’t get WHY this place is still in business!??! This has been going on for years!! How have they not been shut down?? Anyone know?

  • Clayton K

    I just want to let you all know they are still at it. I just received the same type letter and I know I paid for my domains up for 3 years on each one but the letter stated it was for one year. I called the number on there and asked a lady how they got my information and she said marketing. I just told her kind of in a nice way to never mail me again in regards to this crap and tell whoever their marketing company is they need to as well. I was shocked to see how my information is getting out. So, I was double checking with my domain host and they told me it’s a huge scam. This is the first I have heard about this junk. I think somehow I will try and report this company for this. Something has to be illegal about this just not sure yet but I will be asking my lawyer. If any others have info regarding this please reply.

  • I already paid to have my Domain Name through a Webs.Com and it is secure. Thank you all for posting of the SCAM. I freaked out when I received this Legal Looking Paper Registry to send money to keep Domain name solid and when it expires by o and so date. Making it appear like they were going to take your name if you didn’t pay and making this look like a Govt Document. I researched this. These people should be put in jail. It really is illegal to invade someone’s privacy… I’m not happy! Debby.

  • Yeah, just got this letter in the mail today and knew right away it was bogus. I live in the country, so I’m seriously considering sending them an envelop of cow poop with the note, “You sent me some BullSh** I didn’t need, so you can have it back.”

  • Buffalo Killer

    Be warned, this company used our information to commit identity fraud later on. After we canceled with them years ago, all of a sudden we had fraudulent activity on the credit card we had used with them. Then later, they did identity theft on the person listed as the web contact. More recently, they opened a checking account using that person’s name and the company information as the employment verification, and racked up several thousand in over-drafted checks to a bogus address. All of the incidents were traced back to the relative location of this company. Cannot be a coincidence. Steer clear of them. If you already made the mistake, shut down anything associated with the information you provided to them. They are not only scam artists, they are outright criminals.

  • Thomas Jeffries

    Sorry to say, I got scammed and am out $120.00. Now I keep getting emails that say the transfer of my domain name is not complete. When I try calling the customer support number, I get a recording that says customer support is not available.

  • Dee

    I just got one of those letters myself with a huge amount they wanted. I knew something was up so i contacted my website person. How can they get away with doing this? Who is cashing the checks? Can’t that be traced?

  • I thought I was the only one who was trying to be scammed. I get this every time my domains are up to be registered again. Thanks for the information.

  • I think its sad that people don’t know how to read. Being someone who actually read this notice through (and it really is only 3 paragraphs long.) I actually read the sentence that says “this notice is not a bill”. Perhaps this is simply too much reading for anyone who has not graduated from university like myself.

    In grade 5 our teacher gave us a test. At the beginning of the test it said in bold lettering “MAKE SURE TO READ THIS TEST THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH BEFORE YOU BEGIN”. So I did and at the very bottom it said “good job for reading through now sit in your seat and watch everyone else”. People were getting up from their seats and wandering all over the room following the ridiculous instruction on the test. It was a valuable lesson.

    I would NEVER give my money to anyone unless I knew exactly why I was doing so and although some people may feel misled for paying a company they were not with in the first place, I also can’t help but feeling those people were not very smart to begin with if they could not manage to read 3 short paragraphs.

  • Jlee

    i received this scam email and went to the ICANN accredited registrars list and this scam outfit is NOT registered with ICANN.

  • Rnendel

    Ok, folks, seriously? I read the DRofA email and it clearly states “transfer” in a number of places. There is no “scam” here – to so vehemently claiming “scam” only lessens proper reaction to “real” scams out there. Lack of intelligence on the consumer’s part does not equal “scam” (such as just paying it w/out thinking) – one might think if we’re all involved in dat dere internetz and da webstuff, then we might all be able to rationally evaluate emails.

    With that said; however, I find this a bit humorous. #1 use of a PO box is NOT indicative of a scam, plenty of small, and even medium businesses use PO boxes (ROFL). #2 deceit – they are not being deceitful, such as trying to pretend to be YOUR registrar. #3 unethical, nope. #4 hoping your dumb and don’t know who your name is registered with, sure – but even then they’re saying repeatedly “transfer”, so they’re not hiding a thing, you’re just failing to use that skill learned so long ago in grade school…. reading.

    There’s nothing immoral, or inherently unethical going on here – except maybe a WAY over exaggerated response. DRofA isn’t the debil, isn’t anything other than a small business (I presume) using publicly available data to offer “transfer opportunities” – so yeah, some people are just, well, not the sharpest pencils in the box. Do I like my tax money paying for the BBB having to process complains like this, NO I really don’t.

    And, no, I’m not with DRofA and I don’t have anything really to do with website administration (that’s my partner) – he just linked me this and, after laughing hysterically for awhile, thought to provide an alternate response other than joining in on the witch hunt. I mean really, “scam”, let’s save that for when it really is one and perhaps sit back, drink a cup of tea or whatever you enjoy, and learn a lesson: read your emails and don’t give money unless you understand why your paying.

  • maria blanes

    wow, i also got this letter yesterday, thanks for posting this!!!!

  • My husband sent them a check not questioning anything…I am the one who works our website so when I started receiving these e-mails:

    In order to complete the transfer and renewal, the “REGISTRAR-LOCK” status needs to be removed and an EPP Key/Authorization code needs to be obtained. Please see below for instructions on achieving this.

    – Log into your account with your current registrar, and change the status of your domain, ****.com, from “locked” to “active”.
    – Then look for the EPP Key or Authorization Code.

    – Alternatively you may call your current registrar, GODADDY.COM, INC. (see phone number below) and ask them to remove the lock status of your domain name, give you your EPP Key and allow the transfer to Domain Registry of America.

    They even give you the number to contact godaddy:
    As a convenience, we have supplied your current registrars phone number below.

    After reading all these complaints on this site, I returned their e-mail with a nice little note stating that if I do not receive a refund, I’ll be sending complaints to ALL proper authorities along with the link to this site….and within minutes I received the following:

    Your request for a refund for ****.com has been accepted.

    The amount of refund is: $30.00

    Your refund will be processed on 2/25/2012

    If you paid by credit card, you will be refunded back to your card.

    If you paid by check, the refund check will be mailed to the following address:

    I’ll keep all e-mail correspondence until I receive my refund….$30.00 is a pedicure! 🙂

  • I administer several websites for HOAs and handle everything through godaddy. I received one of these invoices from the HOA management team asking if it was valid to pay. I immediately knew it to be a scam (and a search quickly confirmed this) but I wanted to see what they actually say for themselves. Skimming through the site, I found the following in the FAQ section:

    “How much does it cost and how much did I pay before?

    Prior to deregulation the cost to register or transfer and renew a domain name was $35 US per year, with no price break for multiple year renewals. Our price is $30 US per year, resulting in a 28% savings, or $50.00 US for two years, a 42% savings.”

    Either they are incapable of basic math, or just threw these numbers out at random to sound like a deal (quick calculation shows that the first is closer to a 14% savings, and the second is closer to 28%.)

    I wish this exact information was presented on the front page, maybe people would realize that a company that can’t even present accurate numbers shouldn’t be handling their domain name.

  • It’s a clever scam. The domain name they contacted me about was actually a variation on it’s spelling, and not the actual name I own.

  • I just called their customer support & sales department 1-866-434-0212 and made them listen… 3.2.1… Never Gonna Give You Up, Never Gonna Put You Down, Never Gonna Run Around!!! Everyone should do the same! RickRoll them for their crimes!

  • Priscilla Borges

    I also filled out a complaint like Cynthia with the Federal Trade Commission at Reading carefully the letter they explain that they are asking us to change our domain registration to their company. The problem is that they TRICK us to think this is a renewal, and not a choice for switching companies. I call it a SCAM anyway. Thanks Garret for posting this here. Good luck to all.

  • Beth C

    Just so you know, it’s Jan 4th 2012 and this scam is very much still in effect. They got me for $35, and I called and asked for a refund. They say it will be refunded in 72 hours. They consented to the refund so easily, it definitely made me wonder if they get refund requests all the time; in other words, they provide no value whatsoever. I thought I was going to have to send a letter, which I have NO problem doing. At the conclusion of the call, I asked for an email confirming the refund granted and the rep agreed. I called today to follow up on that, and now the rep says, they don’t send emails, just process the refund. Whatever. They don’t know me; I’m a take action kind of girl.

  • I just received one of these snail mail letters too. I realized it was something I could pitch, but it made me roll my eyes, especially at those prices: “Review our prices and decide for yourself.”

    I think these are also the same morons who bombarded me with e-mail spam trying to sell me my own domain. They used multiple domains to spam me, so reporting the spam was pointless. The spam suddenly stopped the date the domain auto-renewed with GoDaddy.

    Those reporting such letters might have better luck through the US Post Office as mail fraud is a federal offense.

  • I just got this today and knew something was wrong with it, $35 a year for each of my Domains, that’s like 5 times more than anywhere else.

  • matt

    I just received one and it stated that my domain would expire in around 60 days. Checked my domain and I still have over 2 years to go before renewal. Total scam.

  • Jo Marie

    It’s very frustrating to see a scam mail like that on your e-mail box. I wish I can shoot them from what they’re doing from poor civilians who had fallen to their trick.

  • Josh K

    I stupidly fell for this, is there anyway to press charges or get my money back? Will they steal my identity

  • Jim

    Just got one yesterday. Have to admit they had me going for about 2 minutes. I wish they had a return postage permit instead of ‘place your stamp here,.’ I would tape it to a brick and mail it back to them.

  • Susan

    What I really like about this scam is that I don’t even have a web site, much less the one they list!

  • Reggie harris

    These asshole didn’t get me but it was very convincing. I have 6 domain names and they send this bullshit six times a year. They operate out of a UPS store and answer a phone at a run down house in NY. Here’s the best way to fix em, put as much bullshit you can find in the return envelop and send it back to them. They can get a taste of their own manure.

  • Tim

    Yep, just got one of those letters, was suspicious, and sure enough some punks taking advantage of others. I hope more see this before they pay.

  • Sharon Frederick

    Oh my God! They got me for $35! I am livid! I would have never known it was a scam until I contacted Yahoo to downgrade my services and was told that I would be registering my domain for $9.95 for a year. I told them I had already done that for $35 and they informed me it was a scam. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB, the Attorney General’s Office, and the Federal Trade Commission.

  • Yep, I get them, too. You can contact the BBB, or their local Chamber of Commerce, plus file a complaint with USPS fraud department. If you’re an activist, you might try something more fun, like picketing.

  • I have about 30 registered domain names for clients. Like the rest of you, I’ve been getting pretty fed up with these scam-agents, so last month I returned an invoice to them with a note saying that if I receive one more “invoice” from them I will be making an official complaint with the NYS Attorney General’s office.

    Needless to say, I received another scam invoice today, so I am therefore sending them a letter indicating that I previously requested being taken off their list and that I am cc’ing NYS AG Eric Schneiderman’s office.

    I will keep you posted with my progress.

  • Lois

    I get letters throughout the year from Domain Registry of America. They are accessing the WHOIS database and pull out the billing information for that domain. This is why it is important to keep the listing private so your address information is not listed. Fortunately if my clients receive this letter they contact me to see if it is legitimate, which it is not, and I can tell them to shred the letter. Companies like this one will continue to thrive as long as people fall for their methods.

  • Matt

    I got the letter. I work for a large registrar. I have had numerous calls about this scam. I just got the same scam letter our customers complain about. I called the number and demanded that they remove me from the list right now. They told me I had to email an address. I said, no I don’t, I’m talking to you right now on the phone. Get me a supervisor. He said, I am a supervisor. I said, then get me off your ripoff list and proceeded to tell him what a criminal he is. He refused again, and told me to “Go F*** myself.” Can you believe this?? If you do a Wiki lookup, you can see that they have been sued, closed down in Canada last year DBA as Domain Registry of Canada, and have had other action taken against them by ICANN. WHY are these people still business and allowed to harvest names from WhoIs databases and send these illicit ripoff letters? PLEASE make as much noise with your legal people and the BBB about these thieves as possible!

  • J. Banks

    Well, I have been victimized by theses people! I sent ion the payment ($105.00) and they actually sent me an email receipt. I didn’t think anything was wrong until I received an email today requesting “Domain Name Transfer Confirmation”.
    I hate being scammed.
    I’ve emailed the folks to stop this action and refund my money but, aren’t they the originators of this scam?

  • tracey rubino

    I just received a notification as well…dated 7/21/11. They used a return address of 2316 Delaware Ave. #266, Buffalo, NY. When googling this comes up as a UPS Store in a strip mall. I appreciate that you site let’s us know that this is a scam. You would think that after their 2002 investigation/convictions they would cease scamming the public.

  • You guys are really on it with supplying great information to the public about these domain scammers. Can’t beleive all the phishing tactics that are still being used even though postage rates are so high.

  • I just received their letter yesterday, opened it this morning. After reading it, I immediately started googling them. before I could type the “e” in registry it popped up with scam. That’s how I arrived at your site. I ight follow Terence’s suggestion as well.
    Thanks for the the information.

  • I too just got the letter, and was doing a little research. They actually have a web page, but I’ve reported them to my attorney general office as a scam. Hopefully, that will get them closed down.

  • Cynthia

    This is a scam. File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at You can file an online complaint. You can also send a written complaint with your scam letter to: Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Response Center, 600 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W., Washington, DC 20580.

  • Ok now I’m really upset at these guys! I just received 5 sheets with multiple sites of mine that need to be renewed. I’ve never gotten any of these before and I’ve always renewed through (at first through godaddy and now I’m with 1and1) and now they want me to renew with them for these high rates. Hell no!

    Who do they think they are? We’re not that dumb! Can these folks get away with something like this? Can they be stopped? What if I was clueless and sent it in. OMG it would have caused such a damn mess. Sorry to rant but I’m glad I found this post or else I would have fallen for this one!