eBlast Marketing Campaign Keeps Community Informed and Involved

Marketing campaign brings interest back into the community.

With all the summer activities available for your family to choose from, deciding where to go could be very frustrating. Thanks to the folks at the Sand Creek Business Center all of the local events are now at your fingertips. Once a month all the local activities are compiled into a newsletter and sent to the tenants and friends in a friendly eBlast. This eBlast is sent in HTML form to look just like a webpage.

Staying current on what is taking place in Brentwood and the surrounding areas is key to keeping the community involved. It also provides coupons and useful information to opportunities available at affiliate member stores and properties. As well as sending out an eBlast the newsletter is also posted on the web at The Brentwood Insider. This ensures visitors who prefer not to use email a way to stay informed and involved with the community.

We take anti-spamming very seriously and always ensure we’re up to date with the newest in Federal Laws. Currently the CAN-SPAM Act requires that all mass emailers have their accurate identity in the “From” and “To” fields. It also requires non deceptive subject lines that cannot mislead the recipient about the contents of the subject matter. The email must contain a valid physical postal address which the recipient can reach you at. Finally the law also requires that the email give the recipient an opt-out method. To do this we setup an unsubscribe link which is always included in the footer of every email blast. By following the rules your eBlast marketing campaign will reach it subscribers without getting you in trouble.