Effective Outdoor Billboard Advertising By Stockton Weddings

Stockton_Weddings_BillboardWhen JVF Consulting deploys a new website, we begin basic promotions by building backlinks to kick off good page rank. Our clients then continue the promotion of their new website through their own communication mix. We have seen this done through the use of print ads, business cards, and in store promotions. Stockton Weddings has taken their promotional mix to a new level with their Stockton Weddings billboard advertisement. This billboard is located on the west side of I-5 between the Monte Diablo St. and Fremont St. exits. This billboard can easily be seen by everyone on the I-5 freeway, and has been an extremely effecting advertising campaign bringing new traffic from all over the San Joaquin central valley.

Not to be confused with the marketing mix, the promotional mix consist of four main aspects, advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, and public relations. In these hard economic times, small businesses are testing new forms of advertising to target markets. Stockton Weddings use of billboard advertising to attract people to their wedding vendor website is expensive, but effective.

Billboards are outdoor marketing tools that target the consumers among the general public. There are many types of billboards, all of which are used all over the world. There are traditional billboards, digital billboards, mechanical billboards, and mobile billboards. Each one has a unique way of advertising their product or person. Billboards are especially popular because they can be custom designed to the buyer’s specifications. Sizes of billboards vary, but typically run about 14 feet high and 48 feet wide. Stockton Weddings chose to advertise on billboards because of the large lettering, which makes them nearly impossible to miss.

With the many forms of advertising JVF Consulting has seen to promote websites we have designed, Stockton Weddings takes the cake. We love hearing about innovative ways to spread the word about your website, and we look forward to seeing more billboards by Stockton Weddings.

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