Encrypt Your Transactions With An SSL Certificate

sslDon’t let your SSL certificate expire without your knowing! Make sure it is up to date so you don’t lose out on any sales! If your certificate is set to auto renew, be sure you have the correct steps ready to install the new certificate to your server. We have heard about many websites who lose out on valuable online holiday shopping due to an expired ssl certificate, or just lacking one completely. If you’re unfamiliar with SSL certificates, and currently maintain an eCommerce website, this article is for you.

An SSL certificate allows you to do secure credit card transactions on the internet. If you don’t have one, people won’t shop with you because they’ll get a bunch of warnings that the site is not secure when they attempt to pay with their credit card.

Here are a few indicators to let people know that you are safe to do business with online. 

1. Make sure that your URL is actually https://www.yourdomain.com. When someone see that “https” they know that is the first line of defense.
2. Next, check to see if there is a “lock” icon in the bottom right or top corner of your browser. This informs the visitor that there is a valid certificate on the page to protect them.

If your eCommerce website is not properly secured, then your customers are at risk for identity theft. If you need help with your website, be sure to call the experts here at JVF Consulting.