Enterprise E-commerce Solutions

JVF offers e-commerce solutions for all enterprise businesses by adding the agility your website requires to easily launch sales and specialty sites that ignite brand awareness.

We allow you take complete control of your online channel with our enterprise e-commerce software solution. We will ignite your online store our secure shopping cart, payment processing and merchandising features that can accommodate surges in traffic incurred by flash sales or holiday promotions.

We understand that it can be difficult to change gears and quickly react to market changes. With the JVF e-commerce platform jCommerce TM, tasks become much easier. Target your customers better, launch specialized coupons and affiliate marketing campaigns. No matter what your online business goals are, our powerful e-commerce software allows the customization’s to meet them all.

If your enterprise business is in need of a responsive e-commerce solution, contact JVF for a demo of jCommerce TM, the on-demand, secure and search friendly shopping cart.