Evan’s Lightning McQueen Power Wheels

Nobody knows more about car modifications than our friend Sean over at FFtec Motorsports in Hayward, CA. At the age of 2 he gave his son Evan a Lightning McQueen Power Wheel for Christmas. After three years of constant use the plastic tires had completely worn down. Most people would have thrown the car away and bought another one, but not Sean.

“We decided to upgrade the oem plastic wheels to metal rims with rubber tires. From that point more modifications were added every few weeks. Now, Evans Lightning McQueen Power Wheel is equipped with an aluminum back half chassis, dual sealed gel batteries with an output of 24 volts, a 500 watt .66 horsepower electric motor, disk brake, throttle modulated variable speed control with reverse and sparco battery cut off switch” said Sean Burgess.

When it was all said and done, Sean took Evan out to a dirt track near their home and told him to let it rip. Thankfully Sean documented the whole process and posted the video to YouTube. Since the custom build was posted last Sunday, “Evan’s Lightning McQueen” has received over 2 million views!

  • Ha! That is brilliant. Makes me want to be that young again. Lightning McQueen forever!

  • Mike

    So much effort there! You are the coolest dad Sean!

    My nephew also have a jeep type car like this but the battery lost life in just weeks, we took it to where we bought it because the batt doesn’t seem to work even if we charged it. It also has plastic wheels which I know will easily break after several usage. We probably should change it to rubber wheels. So now, we just push him around because the battery doesn’t work anymore. Would you know where to get new batteries?

  • Jim Garrison

    Thats just fanastic, bet his son is going to love him forever.

  • That is awesome! My almost three year old son is losing his mind´╗┐ watching it. He wants this car like, yesterday. Good work, Dad!