Extend Your Reach with Cheap Mass Text Messaging

Have you ever noticed how many adults are glued to their smartphone? Have you ever had a customer without a cell phone? Probably not, which is why mobile marketing has risen to become one of the most efficient forms of advertising there is.

As an innovator in SMS delivery, NorthText turned to JVF to help them connect with mobile consumers and drive sales. In a continuation of our long-time partnership, we delivered a responsive website with a custom design that shows off their value priced SMS marketing platform as the best turnkey mass texting solution for the lowest price.

Text Message Marketing

The tools for digital marketers has evolved drastically with the rise of mobile devices and social media. There are now more ways than ever to reach your potential customers, but some methods are drastically more effective than others.

Nothing cuts through the clutter like SMS marketing. Email, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all have their place, but if you want to reach 97% of your subscribers wherever they are, and have them actually respond, then SMS from NorthText is right for you.


Highly Targeted, Mass Text Messaging

Send the right messages to the right people at the right time with a mobile SMS marketing campaign from NorthText. When you sign up you will gain access to powerful tools to create a targeted group of consumers. By organizing distinct groups, you can send relevant SMS marketing messages that are specific to the interests of the individuals.

SMS marketing messages are capable of generating a huge amount of leads and same day traffic by issuing a time or date-specific call to action. Because most text messages are opened within three minutes, users have your brand at the top of their mind.

Increase Sales Through SMS Marketing

In order to capitalize on the increase of smartphone addiction, brands are already using mobile messaging to engage prospects and super fans in innovative ways.

Remember SMS mobile marketing is a very powerful and cost effective tool to communicate with your prospects, customers, and employees. This is why JVF recommends NorthText for your SMS solutions. Give them a try today!

Visit NorthText for pricing to see for yourself how cost-effective SMS marketing really is.