Facebook Business Page Web Design

facebooksketchpaperFacebook is huge and gaining more users everyday. With the average user connecting to 80 community pages, groups and events, business owners are realizing how valuable a facebook business page can be for prospects and current customers.

With our social networking design services, we can do as little, or as much as you like with your business on Facebook. We have the ability and skills to create a complete business page using a custom avatar that includes your corporate identity and quick calls to action. Using a landing page with your business contact information branded with your marketing message is an excellent way to interact with real people on the wold wide web.

JVF Consulting’s Facebook web design services will engage your visitors, while increasing the awareness of your services. Take a look at the stunning Facebook fan page we designed for Diablo Valley Cabinetry below, and let us know what you think. If you would like more information about our Facebook fan page website design packages contact us!


  • Elina

    Great design Garrett but now is it possible to show custom design by default ?

  • Nathaniel

    Eventhough I feel Facebook marketing is still important to build your business and your brand, I’m a firm believer that Twitter or even Pinterest could be much more beneficial (obviously dependant on what activities your business focusses on).

    But I love how you can take part of a conversation on Twitter. On Facebook it’s a bit more limited (but I really like the addition of the hashtags on Facebook recently) and I think most companies just use Facebook in a totally wrong way: they don’t interact with their fans, they don’t ask questions or post engaging content (except maybe a contest here and there),… But they make the fans feel invisible and ignored which is not a good thing, of course.

    Perhaps slightly off-topic because your post is about the design of a page, but still relevant I’d say. I guess nowadays, with the Timeline and different layout, user interaction via a Facebook app has become more appealing.

  • Great work Garrett. Looks professional and clean.

  • All this time i have been missing out on facebook marketing… Got a business page only few days ago – any advise on how to kick start?

  • Cavin Carr

    Is it appropriate for a big business owners only? or for smaller too? And do I need to hire a web designer for a Facebook page creation?

  • The problem I’m having with the idea of a company facebook page is that the uncontrolled nature of facebook means that I can’t restrict who sees my page. As a wholesaler I don’t really want my retailer customers complaining that my products are being seen or sold outside of trade. If I had a retail website I would be all for it.

  • Promoting website in Facebook really more effective ways of getting more traffic. Good followup

  • Rafay Qureshi

    Facebook pages are an awesome way to get business leads and is also good for branding your name in market. If you are spending your money on facebook pages then I would say its a great ROI strategy that will give you more then you are investing in it!

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