Facebook Fan Page Website Designers

1facebookiconThankfully Facebook doesn’t have all the glittery text and obnoxious backgrounds that MySpace has, but it still allows you to be creative while communicating your brand in a professional manner. That’s why every day, more and more businesses around the world are creating a presence on Facebook. Since Facebook is now a vital new component to the corporate brand identity, Rose Batteries chose JVF Consulting to transform their basic Facebook fan page into a fully branded, search optimized site, that has clear calls to action for visitors to interact with. If your business wants to stand out from the competition, and is in need of a new customized look, our Facebook fan page website design skills are sure to capture your visitors attention.

With our social networking design services, we can do as little, or as much as you like with your business on Facebook. We have the ability and skills to create a complete business page with a custom sized logo, your businesses contact information, and landing page, then give you full access to the page so you can continue with the fun part, interaction with your customers.

The final goal with our Facebook web design services is to impress every visitor that comes to your business page, make them more interested in your services, and “like” your page. Take a look at the stunning Facebook fan page we designed for Rose Batteries below, and let us know what you think. If you would like more information about our Facebook fan page website design packages contact us!


  • Ben

    Great idea to have a custom Facebook page design. With social media becoming more and more important you need to stand out!

  • Facebook has taken over the lot of social media. Marketing your product using this fan page would merit lots of readers. Web design packages that use this medium has gained lots of followers.

  • I am redesigning my website and need a phenomenal Facebook fan page to follow suit, can you help iof so email back and i can share the new design.

  • I have a facebook page, but I never considered designing it. yea the page looks cool but don’t know how effective it can be to attract more likes.

  • You have made Facebook look like a more traditional website. Very attractive.

    We are in real estate in the Sacramento area and part of the challenge of Facebook for us has been the transitory interest that people have in real estate. People are very interested detailed info before buying or selling, then lose interest after the transaction. What do you talk about that’s relevant and interesting when the interest level will naturally change?

    I liked an insurance agents page when shopping for insurance. Now I find the steady stream of insurance updates an irritant.

    Facebook can be hard to use well.