FireFox Tips & Tricks: Disable Google Toolbar New Tab Page


After installing the new Google toolbar for Firefox we noticed that when opening a new tab the page which was once blank, now displays your web history as tiled web pages for you and everyone to see. The thumb nailed sites will list up to nine, and also shows recently closed and bookmarked pages based on your browser history. For most people this may come in handy, either for instant access to your most visited site, or to spy on whoever used your computer last. As for us here at JVF Consulting, we think the splash page is pretty annoying, the 1 second lag time is too slow for us. So for those of you who also think the toolbar is annoying, here are the correct steps on how to remove it.

1) On the Google Toolbar, right click, and then select “Google Toolbar Options” Toolbar_Option or click on the wrench icon Toolbar_Option2 and select Options.

2) Under the “Search” tab remove the check next to “Enable the Google new tab page.”

3) Now click “Save” and then restart your browser.

From now on you will no longer have the annoying Google toolbar tab page appear when opening a new tab.



  • Any ideas why it doesn’t work with Firefox 5?

    All help appreciated!

    Thanks 🙂
    Christopher – Technology Bloggers Admin Team

  • This makes a lot of sense now actually. After having tried this, I ended up unchecking the enable new tab box after all.

  • Neko

    I’ve done this several times now, even after doing it on another computer and it worked, but not on my new one. Help, please?

  • Great solution – I’ve been trying a lot of these Firefox hacks lately, and I’m realising just how great a browser it is 🙂

  • Thank heavens! This started on its own a week ago, I didn’t even have the toolbar ‘active’ and it’s been driving me nuts 🙂

    Thanks for the clear concise solution – yay!!!

  • annoyed

    Thank you very much for your very timely article. Google and other companies are getting ahead of themselves assuming that this IS what all people want.

    I am one that want MY freedom of choice on MY computer which I PAID for. They make me sick.

    Again, thank you vary much.