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Do you pin on Pinterest? If you do, then you should follow JVF Consulting. Pinterest isn’t just a website for wedding planners, cake-makers, and photographers anymore. Plenty of industries are finding uses for the social scrapbooking site as well. With over 10 million users Pinterest is one of the fastest growing websites, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to harness its power.

Pinning has become one of our new favorite ways to share the amazing website designs & corporate identity projects we’ve designed and deployed for our customers. It has become another way for us to stay connected with the best creativity from around the world. That’s why we welcome you to join us on Pinterest, where we follow the same inspiration and creativity.

If you’re not already familiar with Pinterest it is a free website allows you to browse images and “pin” them into groups called “boards” that you get to organize for your followers to see. We’ve had fun creating our pins and boards, so come and discover them, then share with your friends the designs you like most!

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  • Expat

    I first tried Pinterest this year and it’s really a fun to use it! I can spend hour a day watching and sharing different pictures.

  • I find Pinterest a great tool for generating inspiration, sharing my work and in my line of work sharing ideas with brides and grooms. I don’t think it’s dying it’s just a matter of what you use it for and who your target audience is.

  • The Lawl

    Pinterest and I don’t work too well. I tried it to get more views on my site but no success. I think Tumblr does a better job and Facebook ( still king ! )

  • Why do you guys think that Pintrest is dying? Just curious.

  • Has anyone seen this used creatively in the legal sector? I’m looking for some inspiration for a uk social media campaign

  • Topkin

    To my mind Pinterest is dying now… Slowly but it is.

  • im really enjoy the other social scrapbooking sites. pin interest does use a fantastic web 2.0 layout. Yes just like carid im getting a bit stuck with the buttons and layouts. nice post i came across it actually searching for social media sites.

  • Andrew

    Good point here about Pinterest, but to my mind Pinterest is near his end…

  • HI,
    Pinterest arriving slowly in France and i start to use it since… Today.
    I think it will be a good place to present my jewels.

    Thanks for your article.


  • Pinterest is an interesting service. Everything is useful, easy to understand and colorful. I like it for now, though I don’t know how to use all the buttons and options.