Golf Instruction Tips & Lessons By Certified Professionals

golfballsEvery golfer is on the constant search for that one golf tip that will change their game, but we all know that it takes more than a tip to improve your game. Have you ever tired golf lessons? A couple hours with a certified golf instructor will score you some tips and lessons that will improve your game overall. San Diego Golf Institute has the leading TPI certified golf instructors and information on golf lessons which when applied correctly will help you to start to enjoy your golf game.

Founded by Bob Townsend and Devin Fitzmaurice, the San Diego Golf Institute applies an innovative, holistic approach to teaching people how to excel at the game of golf. Instructors utilize the most cutting-edge technology, a comprehensive knowledge of the human anatomy, and a thorough understanding of the mechanics of the golf swing to create a customized learning plan for each student. This formula has been proven to narrow the window of time between instruction and results.

The San Diego Golf Institute offers you an alternative – an opportunity to meld all of the noise into a comprehensive plan of attack. This isn’t your average golf school. Our golf instructors will carefully assess your level of skill and thoroughly evaluate your physical ability in order to create a learning plan that is tailored to your needs as a golfer. We can help you achieve your goal, whether it’s a lower handicap, a longer drive, or a better short game. Our holistic approach is proven to minimize the time it takes to see results, because we’re going to give you instruction that is right for you.

If you want to learn how to be more consistent, hit longer, be more accurate, manage your game, improve your swing, and lower your score, then lessons from the professionals at San Diego Golf Institute is what you’re looking for. There is something at SDGI for every golfer, beginner to advanced.


  • Jay

    There is nothing better than spending the morning playing 9 or 18 with your good friends. Actually, wait, there is one better thing…winning!

  • I would like to become a golf certified instructor.

    I’ll do it for fun in order to help my friends get better at playing this awesome sport.

    Please let me know what should be done.

  • Yes, I want to learn how to be more consistent, hit longer, be more accurate, manage my game better, improve my swing, and of course lower my score.
    It is a frustrating game, always learning and hopefully improving.
    Will be continuing to learn perhaps now at SDGI.

  • I’ve never been to a golf school before but I am always looking to improve my game. I used to take lessons back in the day until I could figure out my basic problems with simple solutions