Good News For JVF Consulting. People Love Us On Yelp!

1yelplogoPeople love us on Yelp! Recently JVF Consulting started a business account on Yelp and is requesting our customers to take some time and submit a review of our business and services. We’re currently pushing to get our name out there and we’d love it if you could help us out! We want to hear everything you have to say, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Just be honest is all we ask. These reviews will help us become a better service provider and will also allow us to reach more customers and future webmasters.

Yelp has become powerful ammunition to consumers in cities across the country, particularly in San Francisco, where the company was founded in 2004. As the site matures it has been doing more and more to appease small-business owners like JVF Consulting. A year ago, Yelp started allowing business owners to contact reviewers privately. Then a few months ago it added space on business profile pages for owners to advertise special offers. Next they started publishing video interviews with business owners on Yelp’s company blog. Now they allow small business owners to respond publicly to reviews they think are incorrect. This is a big change for the review site which has a complex relationship with small businesses. With the new public comment feature, business owners will only be able to correct or add factual information, not advertise or argue. Comments will not be read before they are published but users will be able to flag inappropriate comments and Yelp’s customer service team will review them.

If you’re a business owner who’s establishment is listed on Yelp, then you should claim your business immediately. If your business is not listed, then you should add it now. By doing so, your business will reach a new audience, gaining loyal customers which will enhance your sales. Create your listing now, or claim your business by logging into Yelp for business owners. If you don’t have the time or the resources to update your Yelp profile, JVF Consulting can put one together for you. This is just another one of the many marketing services we offer.

JVF Consulting believes Yelp is an evolution of the business owners communications. As long as it’s done in a respectable way, it’s good for both the consumer and for the business owner. To contribute to the JVF Consulting Yelp page you must first have an account. To register follow this link Sign Up. If you already have an account then what are you waiting for? Click the following link to go directly to the official JVF Consulting Yelp page. We look forward to reading your reviews.