Google Chrome: Long Anticipated Browser Worth The Wait?

ChromeThings Are Getting Interesting In The Browser Universe.

If you have not heard yet, Google just released an open source browser by the name of Chrome. The question around the office lately is how does it compare, and does it support the JVF Consulting Amass content management system (CMS)? Well, to make sure JVF is up to par we downloaded the beta version and gave it a spin. So… should JVF and other web designers be freaking out? The answer is: No.

Thankfully the wheel was not reinvented here, it turns out Chrome uses the same rendering engine that Safari, Adobe AIR, iPhone, and Android use. Something called ‘Web Kit‘. So as web designers, we don’t have to worry about another browser rendering our code crazy. Chrome was also designed to improve on the way it handles JavaScript, one of the technologies used to make Web pages more interactive. The focus on JavaScript makes sense. JavaScript can eat up computer processor power, and if poorly used by a website, can crash the browser. One of the things Chrome promises is that if one browser tab crashes, it won’t take down the whole program.

Chromedoes puts together usability, stability, and performance under one open source roof. By keeping this open source and giving away the code,Googleis practically begging other browser makers to take pieces from their browser and incorporate them into their own. Expect Chrome to be a platform for experimentation, since its only being used by a small percentage of the population don’t expect this browser to be perfected anytime soon.

Unless you’re a web developer, or like living on the technological edge, I don’t recommend installing Chrome. But if you’re daring enough and want a glimpse of what Chrome looks like, you can download it here.


  • I’m not too impressed with chrome yet. It still crashes a lot on me and is not as easy as IE to use. I like how you can see more of the screen though.

  • Chrome’s built in webmaster tools are very handy, but then again, I have plug-ins like that in firefox too.
    But I like where google is going with their new browser.

  • R. Ethan Smith

    Google Chrome is cool, but I don’t forsee myself being a regular with anything other than FireFox for a while.

    I enjoy the fact that Chrome is clean and simple, and the “most visited sites” page on launch of the browser, but I am just too fond of FireFox to let it go yet.