Google Maps for Real Estate

Hacienda partnered with JVF to launch a mobile-first, interactive Google map, as a solution for showcasing their premier real estate locations for both working and living.

Using cutting-edge responsive design technology, we developed an engaging mobile and desktop experience, creating a real estate map that increased efficiency within the Hacienda workforce and their community. Now visitors can easily analyze a properties potential and understand it’s neighborhood trends to better help their needs.

Using Google Maps for Property and Data Visualization

Showing rather than telling is the key to understanding real estate. Google Maps helps visualize the real estate landscape through the use of internalized data that is already available. Check out the examples of what you can do when you combine your customer and property data with Google Maps.

The Google Map embedded on the Hacienda website displays a chart overlay using the Google Maps API. Data values are then displayed as colored overlays on the map. The map is then scaled to include all of the identified points, depending on browser size as it adapts to each device. As a user selects check-boxes from the tools on the left, the map instantly updates with the information on the fly.

Zoning: Toggle Property Visibility

You can also specify locations by zoning. When selected, areas on the map are divided by colors, which are zones within which various uses are permitted.

zone map

The above image shows zoning for research & development, light manufacturing and residential.

Map Labels: Toggle Site Number Visibility

In the following example, site numbers appear when a user clicks on the check box.

Map Labels

This view allows you to quickly differentiate between locations.

Map: Toggle Satellite View & Map View

If you prefer to view the default road map view, the same overlay appears when the toggle is clicked.

Google Map View

This view allows users to easily see all the overlaying colors on the map with the crossroads labeled.

Google Map Visualization

By embedding the Google Map into the responsive website, we created a visually rich experience that encourages a higher level of interaction. Whenever you have data that has an address or geographic coordinates, it’s an opportunity to provide a more engaging experience through an interactive map using the Google Map visualization.

Launch the Hacienda Property Profile Google Map.

The Best Mapping Solution for Your Website

Responsive Google mapping is the best solution available for companies looking to increase workflow and productivity. We can make your data more accessible so that anyone in your workforce can find it. With your data securely stored in the cloud, mobile workers can access maps anytime, from anywhere, on any device.

Contact us to see what you can do when you combine your data with Google Maps.