Google Penalty Recovery & Assessment Service

Recover Your Rankings and Traffic from a Google Penalty

Are you seeing a sudden decrease in your organic traffic or a drop in your site’s search engine rankings? If so, then your website has most likely been hit by a Google algorithm update, over-optimization filter, or a manual penalty. Whether intentional or accidental, failing to update your search engine optimization (SEO) will hurt your business in the long run.

With our Google SEO penalty assessment and recovery services, our search engine optimization experts will provide an in-depth analysis of your website that identifies areas where the site fails to meet Google best practices. We will alert you of all the repairs and updates required to overcome your rankings drop. We’re experienced at pinpointing where and how your website has been penalized by search engines, and will provide you with a transparent road-map, while answering all of your questions along the way.

Identifying Panda, Penguin and Other Penalties

If your website was impacted by a Google algorithm update, we have the tools to pinpoint the issues so that you can begin recovering from the penalty.

For example, Rap Music Guide was hit with multiple penalties. After addressing them all, our clients website is now generating more organic traffic than ever before.

Website Penalty

Google Panda Recovery Service

Google Panda penalizes a website based on low quality or duplicate content. If your website has been hit by Panda, contact JVF Consulting today for some of the best in-depth analysis, and solutions in the industry. Our team applies their extensive knowledge and understanding of Panda to crafting and fine-tuning your website, not only for search engines but also for user experience and conversions. Recovering from Google Panda often involves replacing duplicated content with original content.

Google Penguin Recovery Service

Google Penguin is an algorithmic penalty that punishes a website that have too many spammy or unnatural links pointing to it. Especially websites with very high numbers of industry keywords used as anchor text. We will audit your link profile and assist with remove links by creating a disavow.txt file. This helps Google identify which links you do not want to be associated with.

SEO Penalty Solutions

Our knowledge of Google penalties and algorithm updates will help your website regain and maintain its search engine rankings, while boosting its domain authority and trust flow score for industry topics. Contact JVF today at (925) 224-9986 to help your business identify the SEO penalties and on-page issues with your website that need to be repaired immediately.