Hanna Announces Revolutionary New Product: The Landscape Grader Blade

“John Hanna is proud of his heritage. Every product he invents displays master craftsmanship. You can be confident that when you choose any of the Hanna™ products, it will become a trusted and reliable companion for many years to come. Hanna™ products are committed to providing functionality and a great pride of ownership to their entire product line.”

Dublin, CA October 9, 2009 – John Hanna, CEO of Hanna™ Products Mfg., Inc. has announced the introduction of a new consumer product that is “innovative, revolutionary and different”. The Hanna™ Landscape Grader Blade made its first appearance at the 2009 National Hardware Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The state-of-the-art, precision made blade is built in the USA and is currently patent pending with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The Landscape Grader Blade is available now for shipment in the US and Canadian market.

The Hanna™ Landscape Grader Blade is based on the standard garden rake platform allowing the tool to fit on all rakes. The tool has many great uses and is considered to be one of the greatest inventions since the rake itself. Quickly and easily converts any garden rake into a grader for leveling and spreading. The blade makes all those awkward jobs easier and faster to do. From family vegetable gardens, to landscaping your yard, the grader blade requires limited bending or lifting which saves your back, heart, and legs. Carpenters use it to clean debris from newly constructed homes and buildings, farmers use it for their barns, corrals, and general clean up. Even plumbers, electricians, and sprinkler companies have adopted this universal tool to backfill trenches and cleanup job sites with ease. The grader blade has infinite uses.

Hanna™ Products Mfg., Inc. uses only eco friendly materials when making their product. The powder coating is strictly recycled plastic while the label material also comes from 100% recycled material.

Fueling speculation about their new product, John Hanna said “Hanna™ Products Mfg., Inc. is clearly leading the way with this extremely versatile and durable product. We feel the tool will enable its users to complete tasks that once required special equipment or heavy machinery.” Hanna™ Products Mfg., Inc. strives to stay at the forefront of today’s technology with their precision tool.

About Hanna™ Products Mfg., Inc.:
Hanna™ Products Mfg., Inc. are the inventor and manufacturers of the Hanna™ Landscape Grader Blade.  Seven years in development and design, John E. Hanna is the inventor who designed the tool. Once the Landscape Grader Blade was refined, John teamed up with Magdaline T. Ulrich to form Hanna™ Products Mfg., Inc. Their facility is located in Livermore, California, where they manufacture and ship the grader blade throughout the United States and Canada. The Hanna™ Products Mfg. website can be found at www.hannaproductsmfg.com.

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  • What a great invention! Anything that will make gardening easier is definitely a must-have product.

  • This will make it a breeze to personalise your garden. Great concept…