Hassle Free eBlast & Newsletter Marketing Campaigns

Do you have news about your business such as a special offer, new service, or press release? Do you have upcoming event that you want to invite clients to? Allow JVF to help you reach out to your audience with an effective eBlast or newsletter. Our email messages are productive, efficient and low-cost way of keeping in touch with your customers.

Our process is simple. Using your current logo or corporate identity, JVF will create an eye-catching eBlast with personalized copy and an effective call to action. Our goal is to build awareness about your business, create interest in your products and offers, and drive traffic to your website. You can even monitor the response rate of your campaign using your current analytics account.

JVF Consulting takes spamming very seriously and always ensure we’re up to date with the latest Federal Laws. Currently the CAN-SPAM Act requires that all mass emailers have their accurate identity in the “From” and “To” fields. It also requires non deceptive subject lines that cannot mislead the recipient about the contents of the subject matter. The email must contain a valid physical postal address which the recipient can reach you at. Finally the law also requires that the email give the recipient an opt-out method. To do this we setup an unsubscribe link which is always included in the footer of every email blast. By following the rules your eBlast marketing campaign will reach it subscribers without getting you in trouble.