How To Get Around AdBlock Plugins

AdBlock for Webmasters

As a publisher of web content you’re entitled to make a profit by posting advertising on your website in the hopes that you will get enough click-throughs or impressions to pay for your out of pocket expenses such as hosting fees and coffee. For most websites advertising is their sole method of earning a living.

The reason why the majority of the internet is free is because webmasters are able to make money from advertising. If their only form of revenue turned out to be ineffective, then the only alternative is for websites to start charging users a subscription fee to access their content.

How to Trick AdBlock Plugins

If you’re a webmaster who has a website with increasing traffic but have noticed your advertising revenue stay the same, your traffic probably has ad blockers installed. In order to trick ad blockers to showing your advertisements give these simple tricks a try:

Rename any folders using the names; “Advertising”, “Ad” or “Click”. You should also go one step further and remove the words; “advertising”, “ad” or “click” from any and all file names.

If the first fix did not work you can then try hosting the ads locally. As a general rule you should always host the images on your own server and never include pixel sizes or the words “ad” or “banner” in the names of your image files.
Remove all of the loud, obnoxious, blinking and obtrusive advertisements. This is why people install AdBlock plugins in the first place.

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