Is An SSL Cert Needed For PayPal Transactions?

Do I Need an SSL Certificate For my Website?

One of the questions eCommerce webmasters ask us quite often is, do I need an SSL certificate for my store that accepts only PayPal? Well, the answer is No & Yes! Let us explain…

SSL certificates are needed to protect your customers information, so if your website does not collect any information, and uses only PayPal as the payment gateway, then NO, you DO NOT need an SSL certificate because all of your customers information is being passed through the PayPal website, which is already protected by their SSL. As long as you’re not storing credit & debit card details on you website, there is no need to be spend extra money on something you don’t need.

Although in some cases an SSL cert is needed for websites using certain eCommerce platforms, especially ones that use Payflow Pro. Payflow Pro is a PayPal service that allows your customers enter their payment information on an order form that you host on your server. In order to protect their information, you must install an SSL certificate.

Best Practices for PayPal Integrations

As a webmaster you should also be aware that SSL certificates are needed for eCommerce websites that have user logins and save email addresses, names, physical addresses, and order history. In these cases the immediate savings of not purchasing an SSL cert might end up costing you much more in the long run. Remember, an SSL certificate shows your customers that you respect their privacy!

If you need help purchasing and installing an SSL certificate to your websites server, contact us!