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Thunderbolt Aerosystems website takes launch!

It has been a pleasure working for Thunderbolt Aerosystems. With their wealth of information, and our web technologies, we were able to create a website that is informative, easy to navigate, and appealing to all ages. Made famous by the 1991 Disney movie “The Rocketeer,” the jetpack has been gaining popularity not only through word of mouth, but also the internet community. This internet community would not be possible if it was not for the implementation of our search engine optimization package. At JVF Consulting we ensure Thunderman remains ahead of the competition.


Maintaining a website that receives web traffic by the thousands per day, from all over the world, meant that supporting all types a internet browsers was a necessity. The visitors of this site also require a fast loading page so placing their website on a standard server was not adequate. JVF Consulting hosts this site on a dedicated server that is fast, and can handle the load from the daily traffic.

Since the launch of their site the media frenzy began right away. Crave, which is also known as the CNet News blog, was one of the first to leak the story with the new article boasting that for $100,000, you get 75 seconds of flight which is faster and goes higher than any previous jetpacks. View the article here…

TMZ Productions was the next to spread the story on their Celebritoyz blog. The article titled “Finally, Jet Pack to Work” notes that if you’re a celebrity, and have $90,000 to burn, you’ll have the best 37 seconds of your life with this new toy!

The goal of Thunderbolt Aerosystems is to one day make the ThunderPack available to the masses in a format that will use ubiquitous fuels. This will enable its more un-restricted use for metropolitan firemen, forest fire control forces, coast guards, the red cross, border patrol, and high-risk rescues or extreme transportation requirements. Videos of the jetpack in use can be found on YouTube or on the companies website.