JVF Announces Launch Of The John Hancock Coffee E-commerce Website

“The John Hancock Coffee online coffee shop allows you to choose your own premium coffee beans, roast level & label design to create your own signature coffee.”

San Francisco, CA June 10, 2013 – Jason Franco, President of JVF Consulting, LLC announced the launch of the John Hancock Coffee e-commerce website. The new website features a custom shopping cart that enables users to buy fair trade organic coffee beans at the roast level they prefer, and then have them delivered right to their door.

The cutting edge feature of the e-commerce site is the ability to design your own coffee label. During the design process you can upload a photo, logo or message to personalize the label of your coffee making it one of a kind. At John Hancock Coffee, they roast to order so you can enjoy coffee at the peak of freshness.

John Hancock Coffee also features a coffee of the month club. Once you’re a member you will begin receiving your coffee club shipment on a monthly basis. If for some reason you do not want your shipment that month just respond to their email and you will not be billed.

“We were determined to create an e-commerce website that allows the customer to design their own coffee labels with the most user friendly interface possible.” said Jason Franco, President of JVF Consulting, LLC. “By utilizing the latest web technologies we had what we needed to create a memorable website that people will use over and over again.”

The new John Hancock Coffee website is powered by jComm® and designed by the leader in custom websites, JVF Consulting, LLC. Through the use of jComm, John Hancock Coffee can easily maintain their own website by editing, adding and removing products on their website without any HTML knowledge. The result is a dynamic, easy to use website with SSL security so every customer can be confident their information is kept private and secure while making their purchase.

About John Hancock Coffee:
John Hancock Coffee seeks to provide the most customized experience in premium coffee. At John Hancock Coffee, they believe coffee should be personal, so they allow you to select the beans, select the roast level, and design the label. At John Hancock Coffee they roast to order so you can enjoy coffee at the peak of freshness. Welcome to Coffee Independence. For more information visit www.johnhancockcoffee.com

Jason Franco
JVF Consulting, LLC
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