JVF Consulting Announces Launch Of Cabin In The Pines Custom Website

1-Cabin In The Pines logo“Cabin in the Pines” is your opportunity to stay in a cozy cabin in South Lake Tahoe, and relax among the pines for an hour, a weekend or an extended holiday.

San Francisco, CA January 31, 2011 – Jason Franco, President of JVF Consulting, LLC announced the launch of the Cabin in the Pines custom website. The new website provides comprehensive information about the cabin’s amenities, an availability calendar, current rental rates, and information about activities that will help you create an enjoyable itinerary for your stay in Lake Tahoe. With a picturesque background and a clean navigation, cabin guests can quickly find the information they’re looking for when they need it.

Creating a unique vacation rental site that immediately captures visitors’ attention was the goal, and with the help of JVF Consulting, it was accomplished successfully. Lake Tahoe is famous for its crystal clear waters, imposing granite peaks, pristine rivers, forests, abundant wildlife and nightlife; which makes Cabin in the Pines the perfect place to book your rental, and live out your adventures.

“The new website has improved the way Cabin in the Pines communicates with their customers.” stated Jason Franco, President of JVF Consulting, LLC. “It provides a more user friendly experience along with increased flexibility for future growth.”

In addition to the site’s optimized design and interface, the intuitive customer navigation and easy access to relevant content far surpassed our customer’s expectations. The topics are well-defined, categorized and will be of interest to anyone searching for lodging or activities in the South Lake Tahoe region.

The new Cabin in the Pines website is powered by the cutting edge technology of JVF Amass, the best Content Management System on the market today, and designed by the leader in custom website design, JVF Consulting, LLC. Through the use of a custom content management system, Cabin in the Pines can easily maintain their own website by editing, adding, and removing content without any HTML knowledge. The power to reach their target market and drive improved results is now possible because of their the new custom website by JVF Consulting.

About Cabin in the Pines
Sharing the beauty and wonder of Lake Tahoe with friends and family is not only their passion, but their business. So whether you like to experience nature, the fabulous nightlife or the many special events held in South Lake Tahoe every month, Cabin in the Pines invites you to come and have the experience of a lifetime.

Jason Franco
JVF Consulting, LLC
(925) 224-9986

Cabin In The Pines