JVF Consulting Announces Launch Of The Art Of Cigars Custom Website

featured_artofcigarsArt Of Cigars delivers unmatchable quality with their selection of premium hand rolled cigars. Their tobacconist aficionados deliver fresh & flavorful hand rolled cigars right to your door!

Sacramento, CA December 17, 2010 – Jason Franco, President of JVF Consulting, LLC announced the launch of the Art Of Cigars custom website. The new website features a cigar of the month club as well as a fully integrated event page for visitors to book their own torcedor (cigar roller).

Art Of Cigars mission is to provide unmatchable quality and excellent customer service. They guarantee freshness because they don’t warehouse cigars like their competitors. Art Of Cigars full line of premium cigars can currently be seen in their online store.

“The website redesign brings an opportunity for Art Of Cigars to showcase their complete line of premium hand rolled cigars to the public.” stated Jason Franco, President of JVF Consulting, LLC. “We’ve taken the necessary steps to create a website as flavorful as the cigars they offer.”

The new Art Of Cigars website is designed and powered by the leader in custom website design, JVF Consulting, LLC. The website is aimed to appeal to the “everyday” cigar enthusiast. Art Of Cigars serves as the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of their world-class, super-premium cigars.

About Art Of Cigars:
Bob and John are two friends who interestingly enough met at a cigar shop in Sacramento, California. They soon developed a friendship over conversations of quality cigars. After traveling to Cigar Aficionado’s “Big Smoke” in Las Vegas, and of course playing golf, conversations soon led into opening a quality cigar shop of their own. They teamed up with Marvin Ruiz a cigar roller from Nicaragua, who resides in Reno, Nevada and thus began the, “Art of Cigars”. Their love of premium hand rolled cigars is illustrated by the quality of product they provide. No cigars will be sold that does not meet their high standard of quality. We look forward to your visit to our web site and our shop in Fair Oaks, California. Our promise to you is unmatchable quality and superb service that you deserve and you will always remember, “Art of Cigar”. For more information visit www.artofcigars.com.

Jason Franco
JVF Consulting, LLC
(925) 224-9986