JVF Consulting Announces Launch of the Cash for Cars Custom Website

cashforcars_teaserCash for Cars will buy your car, truck, van or SUV’s running or not! No Smog? No Problem! They will pay you instantly, on the spot, totally hassle-free!

San Francisco, CA April 15, 2011 – Jason Franco, President of JVF Consulting, LLC announced the launch of the new Cash for Cars custom website. The Cash for Cars web site is home of the Money Bunny, the official mascot of Cash for Cars. Designing & building the site around the Money Bunny theme not only created a fun experience for JVF, but also the owner of Cash for Cars Vance McHan. With the help of the Money Bunny, the Cash for Cars website delivers their message instantly, using clear calls to action.

Creating a unique Cash for Cars website that stands out above the competition was the goal, and with the help of JVF Consulting, it was accomplished successfully. With a bag full of money, and a user friendly navigation, PC users and Smartphone users can quickly browse the website and find the information they’re looking for when they need it.

“Cash for Cars has got to be one of the most memorable sites I have ever had the pleasure of working on.” stated Jason Franco, President of JVF Consulting, LLC. “Cash for Cars is an excellent way to lower your carbon footprint, and JVF is proud to do anything we can to help preserve our earth for future generations.”

In addition to the site’s unforgettable design, the intuitive contact form is simple and easy for users to connect with Cash for Cars from any device with an internet connection. Through the use of the latest web technologies Cash for Cars can make you an offer for your vehicle in minutes.

The new Cash for Cars website is powered and designed by the leader in custom website design, JVF Consulting, LLC. Driven by the dynamics of a solid business plan and infrastructure, along with over decade of experience, the power to reach new target markets are now possible because of the new custom website by JVF Consulting.

About Cash for Cars
Cash for Cars is a family owned and operated business in Stockton, CA that was established in 1999, offering free towing for junk cars & vehicle removal throughout the San Joaquin Valley. From a home, to a small office, to a big brick building, Cash For Car’s operation quickly grew to consume a good portion of the auto yard. Now with the high demand for a service which provides a fast and clean way to dispose of unwanted vehicles while lowering your carbon footprint, Cash for Cars is has become the leader for auto recycling in California. For more information visit: www.cashfercars.com

Jason Franco
JVF Consulting, LLC
(925) 224-9986


  • sunny

    i really love the bunny rabbit..how cute

  • Good marketing – That’s the way to buy and sell cars where everyone wins including mother nature.

  • Wonderful and clear information about the cash of cars. It seems to be that rather than being left to pollute the environment, the car is re-purposed and parts are reused in a green alternative.

  • Nice Bunny in the sample! However I’ve visited http://www.cashfercars.com, where’s the bunny now? 🙂

  • Bunny is cool. Free Towing is also attractive. Gets my attention.

  • Ira

    Am I too late to make a comment here? I just got this post from a friend and I guess there is like two positive and negative about bunny mascots. Good one is the purity and wholesomeness but the second is when others would see the bunny on a playboy mag symbol. hehehe

  • I like the bunny mascot. It is like the symbol of purity. I hope to have a complete navigation of the new launched site.


    This mascot rocks! you should film videos of the bunny and put them on youtube

  • It is looking nice website design with money bunny. It seems this will soon get success in market. Thanks for sharing this post with us. Keep continue to update post.

  • The Money Bunny! How sweet is that. Really liked the site design, it’s clean and simple, but yet gets the job done.

  • LOL! That is a pretty wacky mascot. Though I guess it’s all about the Purple Monkey Dishwasher these days. Money Bunny could very well be the next Quiznos spongmonkey. Only time will tell!