JVF Consulting Launches Western Center For Food Safety UC Davis

featuredwcfsJVF Consulting would like to focus your attention to the latest edition to our website design portfolio, the Western Center for Food Safety. Established by The Food and Drug Administration cooperative agreement in 2008, the Western Center for Food Safety (WCFS) and the Western Institute for Food Safety and Security (WIFSS), University of California, Davis exist in partnership.

The mission of the Western Center for Food Safety is to research the interface between production agriculture and food protection, identify real-world solutions to food safety challenges in these systems, and communicate new knowledge through outreach and education.

In order to meet their goals while enhancing food protection for FDA-regulated products, WCFS required a website with easy navigation and a professional design. With the help of our custom content management system powered by jCMS®, WCFS can easily maintain their own website by editing, adding, and removing content to their website without any html knowledge. The power to reach a broader audience is now possible through the use of their new custom website by JVF Consulting.

Providing their visitors and researchers with the information they’re looking for when they need it allows WCFS to develop and conduct outreach and education programs that address food protection challenges, resulting in an expansion of the application of science in food protection.