Lotus Notes & MailChimp HTML Newsletters

Troubleshooting Lotus Notes to View MailChimp HTML Email

Are you having issues with MailChimp HTML newsletters not rendering CSS in Lotus Notes? If you have corporate customers on your email list, chances are a good percentage of them use Lotus Notes.

While troubleshooting the issue, we found that Lotus Notes will not render any of the CSS styles from a MailChimp newsletter. Although, in Gmail, Outlook, Mac Mail, and other email clients, the email newsletters look just fine. Even when using the simple, no column MailChimp template, the spacing gets destroyed and everything is clumped together when received in a Lotus Notes/IBM Notes email client/server platform.

We also found that when you first receive the MailChimp newsletter in Gmail, and then forward it to a Lotus Notes email client, the newsletter will just look fine. Another strange occurrence we noticed is that if we access the MailChimp newsletter from the webmail version of Lotus Notes, instead of the desktop client, the email looks perfect.

How to Compose MailChimp Newsletters to Render in Lotus Notes

After some trial and error, we found a solution! Follow these steps to ensure that your MailChimp newsletters look sharp, and render correctly in the Lotus Notes/IBM Notes email client.


  1. Create your email newsletter using the built-in MailChimp templates. Or, import your own custom HTML. Be sure to include the CSS
  2. After you have composed your newsletter, export the template as HTML
    • Templates -> Drop Down Arrow – Export as HTML
  3. Create a new template as “Code your Own” and then Import the HTML you just exported, into the new template
    • Templates -> Create Template – Code Your Own -> Import
  4. Navigate to the new template and then change the main “table” wrapper width from 100% to 600 and click save
    • Templates -> Edit Code Your Own -> Edit Code

Once the template is saved with the wrapper width set to 600, your email newsletter will render properly in Lotus Notes. Ultimately, there are few hoops to jump through, but you will not longer receive complaints about your newsletters from Lotus Notes users. Plus, you still get to use the great drag & drop functionality MailChimp has to offer.