New Year Technology Resolutions

resolutionsWith the new year finally here, the JVF team has been hearing all types of tech resolutions for the new year. So far it seems like the majority of all the resolutions are all “Green” related. So what exactly does the new year hold for us? Maybe some of the following resolutions will spur some ideas that will help shape your IT department or web technology team.

Take control of your energy waste. There are plenty of steps companies can take to reduce power costs. Implementing PC power management is by far the leader. There are numerous products out there designed to put inactive machines into low-power mode when they’re not in use. After all, there’s no good reason to leave your computers and monitors on if they’re not doing any useful work.

Travel less as a company. I’m not talking about the daily commute here, I’m talking about our air miles and business trips. Thankfully it is not our technology we need to be worried about when going green, but rather the degree of mobility. With video conferencing and the new features of GoToMeeting, there is no need for complicated journey’s to meetings abroad. Thanks to new technology reducing our carbon footprint has dynamic effects on our sustainability.

Recycle everything! With Google you will find lots of helpful information right at your fingertips. With so many recycling guides and helpful tips, staying up to date with everything green is a snap.

Practice green techniques. From energy reduction, to reducing the use of toxic materials, save both the environment and money by becoming more conscious of the products you use every day. What’s good for the planet, is good for business in the new year!

These New Year’s resolutions are meant to help your organization rein control while saving money in the process. Most resolutions require minor changes in lifestyle that might effect some bad habits. Although difficult at times, the end results should prove worthwhile, and perhaps help set the stage for more efficiency down the road.