Our Content Management System (CMS)

SolutionUpdate Your Website Instantly With No HTML Knowledge!

How do you keep your website current with only a few clicks of the mouse? With the JVF Amass Content Management System! JVF has made it easy for everyone who maintains a website to update their content even without knowledge of HTML or PHP. Finally, you can update your website yourself!

Everyone knows that it’s important to keep your content up-to-date if you want your site to grow. That’s why we recommend our jCMS® Content Management System with every web design project. With jCMS you’ll be able to edit the content on your pages, add an unlimited number of new pages, manage calendar events, upload images, and much more! It’s so easy to use that you can delegate your website updates to anyone in your company. No special software or knowledge of HTML or PHP is required, only a computer and an internet connection.

Large companies have jumped on the band wagon and have implemented identical content management systems which cost millions of dollars to customize. If they can see the benefits of such a system, then so should you. When you figure the cost of the alternative, paying a web designer to make changes to your site, it is clear that the Amass CMS will pay for itself after just a few updates. Best of all, you can keep using our CMS without emptying your pockets. Once you have seen the power of Amass and what it can do for your website you will be left speechless.

We believe that our professional and high-quality custom designs coupled with the jCMS® will keep your company at the top of the search engine results. Communicating the right message, to the appropriate audience, will hook prospective clients and bring you a high return on your investment. Let us put our experience to work for you! We will ensure you achieve a design that is both professional and effective. Our job is not finished until you are completely satisfied. We offer a number of solutions for your business, whether it is just a single page that you plan on updating, or a multi page site with frequent updates, we are sure our product is right for you!