Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Is Not Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

PayPerClickAt JVF Consulting we pride ourselves with our knowledge of SEO and its application. With every website JVF deploys our team runs through an internal checklist that has been tailored to each project. From time to time our clients are often confused as to what SEO is, and at times mistake it for PPC campaigns. This article should clear up any of the confusion between the two.

Search Engine optimization is a technique and series of services that helps with organic search engine results. PPC is pay-per-click advertising is one type of an online marketing technique. When you purchase visitors or “clicks” from a search engine, it is a called “pay-per-click” (PPC). Pay-Per-Click search engine advertising allows you to quickly get top search engine placement by “bidding” (paying) for keywords related to your product or service. The Pay Per Click model consist of advertisements strategically placed to gain traffic while SEO techniques are implemented both to the website itself, and also using off page factors. The main difference between PPC and SEO is that search engine optimization is not advertising.

Organic or natural search engine optimization (SEO) is accomplished by optimizing your web pages and by increasing your link popularity by acquiring or paying for links that point to your web site. This gives you high rankings in the search engines for your chosen search terms. With that said, the biggest weakness of search engine optimization is the time required to generate relevant links to your web pages and the keywords to get those prized high rankings you desire. It can literally take up to 3 months before reaping the benefits of your search engine optimization campaign.

Another misconception that people have about these two concepts is the speed of traffic to your site. PPC will help you gain visitors fast, but once you stop paying your traffic disappears. SEO is a slower process of increasing your traffic, but overall the visitors are more loyal,  and you don’t have to pay for them unlike expensive PPC campaigns. The online community may try to fool you by putting the SEO label on their PPC campaigns, but the truth is that you end up paying money for ads to take you to your site where you’re hoping they will click on more ads to make you money or purchase your products or services.

At JVF Consulting we like to see things happen organically, simply because they last longer. To understand the SEO results, it is essential to know how SEO techniques were implemented. Profound impacts can be drawn with optimized website pages using SEO. In the present economic situation, it’s a good time to focus on SEO when many competitors are cutting back. The bottom line is that if you have invested a lot into your website, and you’re in it for the long-run, then SEO is where your advertising dollars will be best spent.

We all know the golden rule in marketing is to constantly strive for maximum ROI for your budget. In other words, if your marketing is making you a profit, even if it’s a small profit, it’s worth it. With this model, pay per click is worth doing, but overall pay per click will leave you with thinner margins. The reason JVF conducts natural search engine optimization is to significantly increase your margins over the long term with no advertising overhead.