Peter Bruce: San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photography

seoblocksWedding Photography Meets Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The award winning San Francisco Bay Area photographer Peter Bruce provides fine portrait style and fashion style wedding photography to new brides and grooms. To show off his artistry he had an elaborate flash website designed and built. After the launch of the website getting visitors to find him was a real problem. It seemed like Google was not cooperating with his website, and it was not being indexed properly. This is where the JVF Consulting SEO team came into play.

Peter Bruce’s goal was to be featured on the first page of the Google search results for “San Francisco Wedding Photography and Videography”. To complete this goal JVF assessed the optimization of his current website. Come to find out the current site was all flash with little content and all pictures. There were no keywords in the title, no description, and no meta tags that would benefit his search results. The framesets of his flash site were hiding content from the search engine spiders, no wonder his search engine results were so poor!

When Peter Bruce first launched his site you could build a website and people would find it because there weren’t many sites on the World Wide Web. You didn’t need optimization, or anything special, to help people find his wedding photography site. This definitely doesn’t happen the same anymore, those days have changed! Now you need to make sure the search engines recognize your site for what it is. Just having a website isn’t enough!

Do a search for the word “Photographer” and your search engine will return about 139,000,000 results. Be a little more specific and search for “Wedding Photographer” 3,130,000 results, better but still a mighty big list. Even narrowing the search to “San Francisco Wedding Photographer” yields 557,000 results. Realistically, if your Web site is beyond the third page of results, or even the second, your potential clients will never find you.

A word about flash websites. They can be gorgeous and showcase your work beautifully, but they don’t receive as good search engine positioning as a standard HTML sites. This is because there is very little text used in building a flash site. If you are serious about getting good search engine results, and really want Flash for your site, think about having an HTML site along with your Flash site or have blog embedded into your site with an RSS feed, rather than being a standalone flash site.

With that being said JVF Consulting began work. We ripped apart the framesets and flash, and what was left was a search engine friendly site for all the spiders to crawl. Once the site was crawlable we began with all the basics such as a competitive title, description, keywords, and sitemap.

Peter Bruce’s website now incorporates flash and copy to provide the best of both worlds. The end result is driving his search engine results higher on a daily basis and pushing targeted traffic to his site without the use of Adwords or Pay Per Click campaigns.

If you are seeking a wedding photographer with photojournalistic professionalism, Peter Bruce is your man. He is passionate about photography and passionate about providing top notch customer service. With a few clicks around his websites you will find everything San Francisco has to offer you. To get you started here’s some informative links to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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  • The best photo editing effects! Very professional.

  • wow! what a wonderful picture and let me congratulate the young couple “Happy marriage life”. the Flash presentation is very good . the loading time will be very soon thanks to JVF Team they only make it possible.

  • Great photos! Times have changed since Google came along. There is a lot more competition for search rankings than every before, and it will get tougher as the years go by.

    Many photography websites rely on flash for displaying their information, but many who manage those sites don’t realize the limitations when it comes to search engines.

    It is great that Peter is now getting the search traffic he deserves, and all without resorting to online advertising. SEO isn’t complex, but some knowledge of how search engines work is a must in the online world.

  • Fashion photographer

    I like this blog it is letting me know about the guy who is very good wedding photographer and also about the services he used for his website which is SEO through which he get the nice follow of traffic to his site….and also a great exposure…

  • Nice to see that photographers are finding good companies to work with to position themselves well online.