Reporting Payments & Expenses With The Amass Content Management System

expensereportFor most companies internal purchases, travel, & expenses is what takes up the most time of payroll each week. With the Amass content management system you can speed up the process to just the click of a mouse. By allowing jCMS® to track your time, payments, and expenses you will unify the expense reporting across your entire organization. JVF Consulting customers increase their profits by capturing correct expense reports while streamlining their project management.

With jCMS, the expense management system is designed to keep you on budget and make expense report processing run efficiently throughout your entire company. Amass is managed from the World Wide Web, so if you have internet access, you can track your expenses. Ultimately, JVF uses Amass internally to calculate hours and totals to be feed into an outside Payroll system. To be more specific jCMS will track your project time, as well as any payments, expenses, and materials incurred during the project. This time tracking tool will allow you to run reports for both payroll and billing.

Below is a video of the Amass content management system reporting payments and expenses live on Vimeo. See for yourself how powerful Amass is and how it can help streamline your business.

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