Stop Gmail From Opening In A New Browser Window

How to Stop Gmail from Opening a New Tab

Recently I decided to update all the software on my home machine. When it came time to update my browser I downloaded the latest version of firefox and installed it. Then during startup firefox looked for updates for all the add-ons installed. It found a few so I updated them all and moved on. When I opened Firefox everything seemed to be working fine until I clicked on an email address. Instead of my Outlook 2010 opening a new message and adding the email address to the recipient field, a new window opened asking for my Gmail username and password. Since Outlook has always been set as my default email program in firefox, I was a bit confused as to how this happened.

To troubleshoot the problem I first I went into my Firefox settings to make sure Outlook was set as the default mail client. To do so I navigated to the Firefox options by clicking Tools, Options. Next I clicked the Applications tab and scrolled down to “mailto”. In the drop down make sure Outlook is selected. Outlook was in fact already selected as the default mail client so there had to be something else interfering.

Google Toolbar Options

Scratching my head I began poking around, and thankfully after a while I was able to find a fix to the problem. Turns out the new Google toolbar actually has a setting that overrides the Firefox settings. To fix the problem right click on your Google toolbar and click on Google Toolbar Options. Next, uncheck the box that says “Use Gmail for Mail To Links”. Close the options box and give it a try. Now when you click on a email address Outlook will open instead of Gmail!

Gmail-Mail Options